Summer Holiday 2


Yay!!  Jingle Ma will be directly a sequel to the hit romantic comedy Summer  Holiday in 2010!  Richie Ren & Sammi Cheng will be starring in it again.  Yay yay yay!  That’s one of my favourite movies of all time!!  ISP folks will remember I used to watch it almost everyday while answering calls at the helpdesk!!


Sammi’s schedule for 2010 is packed as she will be involved in 2 movies next year. Right after her concert in December, she will be shooting Summer Holiday 2 with Richie Ren and another movie directed and starred by Jan Lam.

Sammi and Jan have been good friends and Jan approached Sammi recently to be in a romantic comedy movie directed by him. The story talks about an ordinary man who meets a “small” woman. Both of them who are enemies at first becomes a couple. Investment for the movie stands at HKD20mil. A bulk of the cost will come from actor’s salary and it was known that Sammi’s salary alone is HKD6mil. Jan Lam who is the script writer, director and actor will pocket about HKD2.5mil.

Before being in Jan’s movie, Sammi will first be shooting Jingle Ma’s Summer Holiday 2. 9 years ago, the movie managed to gross HKD21mil which was quite good. In March next year, the team will be heading to Redang Island, Malaysia to shoot the second installment. The movie will talk about life after marriage where they spend everyday in the island together. It will bring out the message that it is easy to be together but staying together will lead to many arguments at home. Investment in the movie is about HKD25mil. Jingle Ma is already asking someone to write the script for him.

When talked about being in another movie with Richie, Sammi said that she is very happy and is looking forward to working with the team. She knew the story will talk about life after marriage and it will be quite fun. She said the movie will only start shooting after the year end concert and once she has some rest.


Doctors say climbing stairs can lengthen life expectancy

Wow… my life expectancy increases by at least 5.5secs every day ‘cos my bedroom’s on the 3rd floor of my house.  Hahahahaha.  Oh and it goes up to 11secs for days I go to work ‘cos I climb up 2 flights of stairs to get to the train platform

I suppose climbing stairs does help in staying fit – I have a grandaunt in Guangzhou who climbs 9 floors to her apartment everyday and she’s really fit for someone in her late 80s!  I think many Singaporeans would rather die than climb 9 floors to their HDB flat… and some would probably die trying…


SINGAPORE: Stair climbing can be a great form of exercise for those looking to lose weight.

But doctors at Tan Tock Seng Hospital have found out it has another benefit. They say climbing two flights of stairs can lengthen life expectancy by 5.5 seconds.

Doctors also estimate that one can lose 2.7 kilogrammes a year by just running two flights of stairs daily.

Stair-climbing burns up to 1,000 calories every hour, or five times more energy compared to strolling, two times compared to swimming, and 1.8 times more than jogging.

This vertical exercise can also strengthen physique, improve the heart and lung functions as well as enhance blood circulation.

It helps develop stronger leg muscles, which also reduces the chance of osteoporosis.
"You get a better fitness all over because you train your whole body and not just your legs, because you have to use the handrail. And that helps in all the ways of life," said Thomas Dold, champion of Vertical Marathon.

– CNA/yb


Oct Bunnies

Oct was quite a hot month so the bunnies weren’t very keen on too much activity…


Coffee lazing around



Pinky lazing around



Pinky felt the urge to groom himself… but was too lazy to get up…



Horlicks checking out her playhouse.



My dad feeding Pinky.



Cheeky Pinky sticking out his tongue!



“Hmph!  Whatcha gonna do about it?”



Horlicks enjoying her veggie.



Coffee couldn’t decide between the hay & the xiao bai cai.



More lazing around



Pinky: “Hey, what you taking!"



Pinky: “Stupid paparazzi… I shall sleep…”



Pinky: “I just can’t sleep with dirty paws”

Horlicks: “Who woke me up?”


Booze Queen, Azure and I went to Aerin’s restaurant at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre sometime in Oct.  Took the following photos but didn’t get round to posting them…


Smoked salmon salad.  It’s really really good.  The smoked salmon wasn’t too salty and the cheese flakes went really well with the salad.


Black pepper beef pasta – totally to drool for!


Our favourite dessert – the apple & rhubarb pie with vanilla ice-cream on top.


This is chocolate and hazelnut something… really yummy too.  I love the crispy wafer base.

Ok… I can’t recall the full names of the above dishes but flip through the menu and you’ll find them.  Not difficult to find I’m sure.

Everyday Christian

My church will be staging a musical in a gameshow format this Christmas.  It’s called The Great Big Christmas Giveaway and I would like to invite all who are interested in signing up to register online.  Registering will help us determine the amount of refreshments to cater for, as well as to ensure there’re enough seats for everyone.

Advertisement aside, there’s also synchronised prayer at 10:30pm every night for the musical.  Being the forgetful person I am, I set a reminder on my hp to sound nightly so that I won’t forget to pray.  After doing this for a week, I realised that remembering to pray was the least of the difficulties.  I have to admit that sometimes, I just don’t feel like praying.  Not that I don’t pray daily… but… it really takes discipline to stop whatever you’re doing (be it having dinner or watching TV or playing my DS Lite) to pray. 

I suppose this is part of what being an “everyday Christian” means, versus being a “Sunday Christian”.  Just like it’s wrong to cuss and swear at other drivers from Mon – Sat, but drive graciously on Sun, or to be considerate and patient on Sun while losing your temper at your colleagues from Mon – Fri, it’s also wrong to only pray in a disciplined fashion on Sun. 

Emulating Christ really takes a lot of discipline.

New Office

Went to the new office today (Sat)… we were supposed to start with the unpacking today but the reno works were delayed so the unpacking has been postponed to Sun – tentatively.  Took a few photos:



That’s the view from Upsize’s room.  Not that much of a downgrade I suppose?  From Marina Bay view to swimming pool view…


211120091323 211120091322

Top: My old desk at the new office

Bottom: This is what Upsize will see when he looks out of his room…

Viet Inn

One of the stops in our food farewell tour was to Viet Inn at Circular Road.  The soup stock here is really delicious.  I love the sliced beef glass noodles, the Vietnamese laksa (though I usually ask for lean beef ‘cos the default is fatty beef) and the advocado shake!  Almost (if not all) the staff are Vietnamese so communication can be a little difficult at times but the items on the menu are numbered so you can always order by the item code.

171120091310 171120091311

And for my farewell selection… I had the sliced beef glass noodles and an advocado shake.  (The coffee belonged to Booze Queen).  Yummy!

Time to Say Goodbye

Today is our last day at Singapore Land Tower (SLT).  I first worked at Singapore Land Tower in year 2000, when I was a NTU attachment student working in my current company.  In 2004, I returned to Singapore Land Tower to work with a real estate consultancy company.  I joined my current company in 2006 and so it feels as though I never quite left the building.

We wrapped up our last day at SLT by having drinks and makan at the restaurant, Il Fiore.  Side track – although Il Fiore is supposed to be an Italian restaurant cum pub at night, the local fare is much better!  I should have but I forgot to take photo of my favourite dishes from Il Fiore – the seafood beehoon, fried luncheon meat, otah with toast (the toast is optional), the sweet & sour pork… fantastic!.

Oh and since I’m on the topic of food, I highly recommend everyone to support my favourite ice-cream uncle who parks his bike below Singapore Land Tower (just outside RBS and next to Change Alley).  This uncle is very very generous.  His ice-cream (whether in a cup, cone, sandwiched in bread/wafer) costs only $1!  I say he’s very generous because if you order the ice-cream with bread/wafer, he cuts the slab of ice-cream in half, instead of in thirds, which a lot of ice-cream sellers are doing now so as to lower costs.

Anyway, back to our farewell…we took some photos in office the past few days to remember the place by.  Here are the photos…


This is the area where I sat



Booze Queen fiddling with her DSi



Me at my desk



The view from Upsize’s room.  No more watching of fireworks from this window… *sob*



Our cosy pantry



Our coffee & hot chocolate machine



Ah… you can often find colleagues rummaging through the cupboard for biscuits!



The view from our pantry.  The shophouses at the bottom left of the picture is Boat Quay.


That’s it.  Bye bye Singapore Land Tower!!  I hope we return someday soon!