Everyday Christian

My church will be staging a musical in a gameshow format this Christmas.  It’s called The Great Big Christmas Giveaway and I would like to invite all who are interested in signing up to register online.  Registering will help us determine the amount of refreshments to cater for, as well as to ensure there’re enough seats for everyone.

Advertisement aside, there’s also synchronised prayer at 10:30pm every night for the musical.  Being the forgetful person I am, I set a reminder on my hp to sound nightly so that I won’t forget to pray.  After doing this for a week, I realised that remembering to pray was the least of the difficulties.  I have to admit that sometimes, I just don’t feel like praying.  Not that I don’t pray daily… but… it really takes discipline to stop whatever you’re doing (be it having dinner or watching TV or playing my DS Lite) to pray. 

I suppose this is part of what being an “everyday Christian” means, versus being a “Sunday Christian”.  Just like it’s wrong to cuss and swear at other drivers from Mon – Sat, but drive graciously on Sun, or to be considerate and patient on Sun while losing your temper at your colleagues from Mon – Fri, it’s also wrong to only pray in a disciplined fashion on Sun. 

Emulating Christ really takes a lot of discipline.

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