Disappointed with Nokia

I found the first major flaw of the Nokia X6 – it doesn’t come with QuickOffice nor Adobe Reader!  Both apps can be downloaded from the Nokia OVI store at a cost of S$32.99 and S$14.99 respectively.  I’m terribly disappointed about this since both software came FREE with my Nokia N82.  Hmph.  Nokia should’ve given this free for users lor.  Angry.  🙁

Random Pic of OCBC


There’s apparently some OCBC bicycle event coming up.  Saw this publicity stand outside OCBC Centre today.  I decided to take a picture to test the limits of the Nokia X6’s camera.  I initially thought the pic wouldn’t come out very well ‘cos the surroundings were very dark though the display itself was lighted.  I was pleasantly surprised when the image came out very clear, though the light in the picture appears a little whiter (it’s a yellowish light in reality).  But then again, this could be ‘cos I didn’t adjust the white balance of the camera.

Peach Garden (OCBC Centre)

Iceman and I brought my parents to Peach Garden for dinner.  I’ve always enjoyed the food there but have never been able to take photos because I’m always there for lunch with clients, making it a little challenging to take photos.

Here’s what we had tonight.


Fried silver fish with spices for appetizer (I know “silver fish” sounds like those insects in mouldy books but this is really fish ok?  Edible fish…)  The silver fish were fried to a crisp.  Not bad though I wished there were more fish and less flour.



Beef tenderloin cubes fried with onions and garlic.  Excellent dish!  The beef was very tender and tasty though the fried garlic was a little too salty.




Braised Mixed Vegetables.  Sounded strange at first that a restaurant like Peach Garden would serve “mixed vegetables” but their take on the dish was very unusual.  Wrapped in beancurd skin, the veggies consist of mushrooms, fish maw (don’t ask me how this is a vegetable), black fungus, white fungus and some green veg.  The beancurd skin was very tasty as it had absorbed the gravy of the dish and the vegetables inside retained their natural flavours.  Good!



This is Peach Garden’s signature dish.  I’m not sure what’s the official name ‘cos I always order it by saying, “signature toufu, single serving per person, the one with veg on top” and voila!  This appears.  The crab meat gravy goes very well with the smooth toufu with seaweed (I think) on top.  There’s also vegetables below the toufu.  I love this.




Now this is a dish that can’t be found on the menu.  It’s a dish that the service staff sometimes recommend to regular customers who want something special.  I call it the “inner circle” dish.  You can order it by telling the waiter/waitress that you want the “mee sua with egg white & scallop & prawn”.  It’s marinated with Chinese rice wine and when you mix the mee sua into the eggwhite gravy, the result is a very very delectable and extremely delicious dish!  The succulent scallop is pan fried and tastes soooo good.  The prawn is crunchy & fresh.

As I don’t fancy prawns, I had a “special order” for mine – 2 scallops instead of 1 prawn and 1 scallop.  *SLURP*!



I had the mango sago with pomelo for dessert.  I like it because it wasn’t too watery.  It could’ve done with more pomelo and sago though.  It was nice nonetheless!

(Sorry for the not so nice photos.  I was too lazy to get out of my seat to take the pics.  Heh.  Photos taken with the Nokia X6 camera using night mode.)

Deck the Malls

There’s an amazing number of new malls along Orchard recently. Visited 313@Somerset and Orchard Central for the 1st time today.


It was quite crowded for a Wed afternoon… filled with rich students and working adults, presumably clearing leave.

Saw this prettily decorated shop and managed to snap 2 pictures before I was chased away. 

Salesgirl, “No photos allowed!”

Me thinks, “Too late, too bad"…”



I mean, it’s not as though I’m going to open up a shop to compete, and dress it up exactly the same way right?  Or did I look like a Nigerian with fire powder in my underwear?  Duh.

Got this tee from New Look.

30122009016 30122009015

I like how the pictures on the front and back of the tee are connected.

Got this necklace from Forever21 too.


Both shops are located at 313@Somerset.

Somerset certainly looks revitalised with the new malls!

The Patent War Powers On

If I were a lawyer, I would specialise in intellectual property rights, and I would base myself in the US.

If you recall, Nokia sued Apple in Oct this year for infringing 10 of its patents.  These patents were in relation to GSM, HSDPA and WLAN technologies. 

Apple is now countersuing Nokia for infringing their patents too – 13 patents!  Apple, however, has yet to declare which were the patents that were infringed.


My personal opinion is that it’s really more likely for Apple to be the offender because Nokia has been around for a long time, and they have a lot of technologies patented, even if they never used the technology inside their products.

Anyway, I’m eager waiting to see how the above debacle unfolds in 2010.  Phone wars!

Baseless Assumptions

Since young, I’ve always hated it when people make baseless assumptions. Some of the things that really get on my nerves are:

Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I’m not IT savvy.

Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I need to change my surname.

Just because I share a car with my husband doesn’t mean he’s the primary driver.

Just because my husband drives to work doesn’t mean the car is his. It’s OURS.

Just because I’m female doesn’t mean I’m not an experienced and good driver.

Just because we have our own flat doesn’t mean we need to have rice in the flat.

Just because we have a place of our own doesn’t mean I like homecooked food. I’ve always LOVED “outside food”. (I would kill myself if I had to eat at home everyday!)

Just because there’s an empty room in our flat doesn’t mean it’s being set aside for kids.

Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I feel maternal.

So people really ought to stop making illogical assumptions about me – just because I have’t chewed your head off for it doesn’t mean I won’t the next time.

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Comes With Music


Nokia’s Comes With Music is great man!  There’re tons of songs for users to download and the download speed is tremendously fast!  I got about 100 songs in about 30 minutes? 

It’s important to note, however, that you are only allowed to register 1 pc to play the song (apart from your Nokia device of course), and you can only change the registered pc every 90 days.

I’m jolly well going to do some massive downloading to justify the 1k I paid for the X6!


Was talking to a colleague who’s looking for a hp that is easy to catch up on news on… and I recommended the X6.  The cost, however, is a deal breaker for him.  He was considering the iPhone… till I warned him that there was only qwerty input. 

I suppose the biggest barrier to getting an X6 is the price – but think about it this way… if we assume a normal CD album costs $20, download 50 albums and you would’ve broken even the cost of the phone!  Heh.

Initial Feel of the Nokia X6


  1. Has 3 levels of tactile feedback you can choose from.
  2. Excellent keyboard response for both qwerty & keypad input.
  3. Playlist DJ is great!
  4. The homescreen can be customised.  You can have the traditional Nokia desktop or the Contacts bar displayed.  You can also set what shortcut icons you want on your homescreen.
  5. Supports dictionaries in various languages.
  6. The camera is quicker than the N82 (less laggy when you wanna take a pic).  Photos taken, even in dim light, appear really clear and sharp on the hp.  Won’t give a final verdict till I transfer them to my laptop of ‘cos.  :)  If the X6 really has as much promise as it seems to have, I think I can stick to this hp for 2 years… just like the N82 I had before it.  😀 (Which is a huge thing for me ‘cos I used to have a tendency to change hps every 6-12 months).  Heh.


  1. The bootup of the Contacts bar is very slow whenever I restart the phone.
  2. No cover for the camera.
  3. No screen protector given.


  1. I’m supposed to be able to get web feed updates but I couldn’t get it to work.  Oh well… will get down it that soon… too many things to update, customise, and features to play around with.