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It’s Here!

My X6 is here. Woohoo! Must make time to collect tomorrow! Posted by Wordmobi

Skinny Pizza

Tried this new (I think) restaurant at Wheelock Place last night – Skinny Pizza.  The squid ink seafood pizza is really yummy… so yummy that it was gone before I could take a pic. The “English Breakfast” pizza was so-so… and so I have a pic of it. We also ordered a 1/2 metre pork […]

Ending It

I decided to put myself out of coffee misery.  I never thought the kopi from Coffee & Toast was good… but the ones from the eateries at International Plaza are worse! To make matters worse, the good coffee machine we used to have at our old office got swopped with a bigger but crappier machine.  […]

Nokia X6 Pre-Order in Singapore

Ok, this post is belated.  Do check out the link below and note the terms and conditions within. Here’re some screen captures from the above link.   Some netizens speculate that the Nokia X6 will be available from this weekend onwards since the pre-order ends on 18 Dec 2009 (Fri).  I sure hope it […]

My 1st Christmas Present for 2009

Thanks, Azure! Posted by Wordmobi

What a Load of Bull!

I wanted to take a photo of this but kept forgetting to bring my handphone into the loo… so this is taken from Booze Queen’s page… Seriously, I have no idea why anyone would refer to themselves as the “BS team”.

More Photos of the Flat

Our living room set finally arrived on Saturday.  I admit the blue doors seem a little jarring now… though they are a hark back to our Mediterranean, Greece inspired decor. Our living room furniture (sorry for the mess.. hehehe… Iceman was in the middle of drilling & installing our speakers and I was sweeping the […]

Pinky in a Box

This is Pinky’s latest favourite hangout.  It’s this longish box that my dad used bricks to prop up against the wall so it looks like a tunnel to the bunnies.  My dad told me that Coffee loves to crawl through it even morning – part of his daily exercise routine.  Horlicks likes to run on […]

East Coast Town Council

I think East Coast Town Council sucks. Not sure if anyone else ever had bad experience with them but it seems the $60 I pay every month only gets me lip service from them. About 3 weeks ago, I reported to them that there was ponding on the window ledge outside my spare bedroom. The […]

Almost Decided

Saw the Nokia X6 dummy set last Sat.  The screen’s a little narrow in my opinion.  I would’ve preferred a length to breadth ratio like the iphone ‘cos I think it makes it easier to read articles online.  That said, after seeing several X6 videos online, I’m quite happy with how the contacts look (I […]

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