Deli Turk

Iceman and I went to Deli Turk at Suntec (next to Kuishin Bo) for dinner last night.  The food was great!  Service was excellent too.  Here’re the pics of what we had.



Chick Pea salad for starters.  The chick peas came with olive oil dressing and seasoned with dill, parsley and spring onions.  Very appetising!



We shared the Mixed Grill Platter which had 3 types of meat (lamb, beef and chicken) seasoned in different ways!  Everything was well marinated with herbs, and the beef was savoury, the chicken had a tinge of honey and the lamb was a little spicy too.  Even the rice at the side was tasty.  Really really yummy.



This is the recommended dessert – Kunefe.  It’s a couple of layers of shredded pastry joined by a thin layer of unsalted cheese, baked in a hot oven, topped off with light syrup and served with pistachios and a drizzle of cream.  The pastry was crispy and the unsalted cheese was rich.  This has to be one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.



Iceman finished his meal with a cup of Turkish Coffee, which I must warn, even the “medium sweet” preparation was very bitter. 



I had a complimentary cup of tea.  So nice of them hor?  😛

As Iceman and I were waiting for our movie to start, we sat at the restaurant and chatted… and were given another 2 complimentary apple tea.  Such a sweet gesture. 

There’s also a branch of Deli Turk at 162 Upper East Coast Road.  Do check them out.  Highly recommended by me!!

Here’s their website:

I Need a Car

I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now. I really need to get a car of my own. After driving for 6 years, not having round the clock access to a car makes me feel handicapped. I feel as though my mobility is impaired and it’s a terrible feeling!

I initially thought that using taxis to regain my mobility might be cheaper than buying another car. Based on my rough estimation, however, if I wanted to take taxi to and from work daily, and when I go out on weekends, this may come up to $1.5k per month because of all the peak hour surcharge and additional fees to book a taxi (bearing in mind that queuing for a taxi is contrary to regaining mobility).

If I buy a car whose monthly instalment is abt $500 + insurance + road tax + petrol and parking of $400, it would come up to about $1.2k – still cheaper!

So I’ve decided. My priority for this year is to get a car. I shall start looking in this Sat’s papers!

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Much Ado over 50k

I’m sure most of you would’ve read about the “measly” 50k that the Singapore government donated to the Haiti relief efforts.  After reading my friend’s blog about it, I felt moved to write down my thoughts. 

Please see my friend’s blog post here:

This is my response:

I agree with the government’s position on the matter, that the amount of donation it gives is not necessarily proportional to the scale of the disaster. That said, I admit I was a teeny bit embarrassed by the 50k – it seemed like pittance.

Re-examining my feelings, however, I concluded that the government probably took the right step after all. This is because monetary donations by the government need to be objective and the most objective, unemotional way, is to weigh our donation against the historical/trade/economic ties we have with the country we donate to.

Most importantly, when I asked myself why did I feel embarrassed, I realised it boiled down to a matter of "face", which in itself is wrong, because we do not help others out of saving "face" for ourselves.

Going back to the last paragraph by the MFA, if any Singaporean feels that the amount is too small, then that individual should make a personal donation. After all, if one can criticise the government for this, then that person should sufficiently convicted to make a personal donation isn’t it?

Nokia Point & Find

Nokia really drives me nuts sometimes.  Iceman and I saw this programme last night which showed that Google was trying out this new software that will allow Android users to use the handphone camera to snap a picture of an object that the user wants more information on, and the software will do the rest.

I told Iceman that I recall seeing something similar for Nokia phones.  I did a quick search today and found out the name for it – Nokia Point & Find.  This (if I’m not wrong), was launched in Nov 2009 but as usual, minimal publicity has been done for it.  I came across it the last time purely by chance. 

Nokia’s Point & Find isn’t available for the X6 yet (ironically, it’s available for my old N82) but the list of models that it can work on is expanding.  For more information, please see: and

5 Reasons Nokia Ovi Maps And Navigation Will Beat Google


By Andrew R Hickey, ChannelWeb

4:33 PM EST Thu. Jan. 21, 2010

Nokia on Thursday unveiled the latest version of its Ovi Maps application, which introduces free turn-by-turn voice navigation and directions for driving and walking to Nokia smartphones.

Many see Nokia’s new Ovi Maps release as the Finnish mobility giant’s slap at Google, which added similar functionality to its Google Android mobile operating system in October when it released Google Maps Navigation, which takes elements from the widely used Google Maps and Google Street View and layers voice search and turn-by-turn voice directions

Here are five reasons why Nokia’s Ovi Maps offering will beat Google for Smartphone-based maps and navigation supremacy.

1. Nokia Is The Leader In The Mobile Phone Market.

Nokia is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and has the largest global installed base. While Google Android is still in its infancy, it is an uphill climb for Google to gain the mobile momentum that Nokia has established. Nokia adding Ovi Maps navigation and turn-by-turn walking and driving directions to its smartphone line will put navigation and GPS capabilities into more hands across the globe. According to a Canalys report, the installed-base of smartphones with integrated GPS was 163 million in 2009 and Nokia accounted for more than half of them, 83 million to be exact.

2. Nokia Ovi Maps Is More Widely Available.

The new version of Nokia Ovi Maps includes high-end car and pedestrian navigation features like turn-by-turn voice guidance for 74 countries, in 46 languages, and traffic information for more than 10 countries. It also adds detailed maps for more than 180 countries. Google offers free car navigation in the U.S. only.

3. Nokia Ovi Maps Will Be Available On More Devices.

At its launch, 10 Nokia devices will support Nokia Ovi Maps, including the N97 mini, the 5800 XpressMusic and the E72. More phones will be added in the coming weeks and come March Nokia plans to start releasing new phones with the Ovi Mapssoftware pre-installed. Google Maps Navigation got its start on the Motorola Droid in October. Since then it has also been made available pre-installed on the Google Nexus One.

4. Nokia Ovi Maps Can Work Offline.

There’s nothing worse than trying to find your way and not having a connection to do so. Nokia Maps Ovi uses a hybrid system that can operate both when it is connected to the Internet and when it is completely offline, meaning when you can’t catch network coverage you can still get directions. Google Maps Navigation requires a connection.

5. Nokia Is Packing In A Host Of Other Features.

Included with Nokia Ovi Maps are a host of additional services not offered by Google Maps Navigation. Nokia Ovi Maps gives free access to traffic data and travel guides from Lonely Planet. It also ties in other location-based services with a location-sharing feature that works directly with Facebook.


Monday morning 10:08am.  Everyone around me is trying to work – some on the phone brokering deals, most clearing e-mails that came in over the weekend, Shaker and Atas are having a discussion about their regional policy and I’m trying to prepare for a conference call at 11:30am.  I am distracted, however, thanks to Bubbs’ boss chatting away with Bouncy about his weekend outing to Botanical Gardens & now about the news he read this morning.  Good grief.  As an associate director, I expect him to work harder in bringing in new clients to replace the ones he lost last year, rather then spend time chit chatting with his staff.  So irritating.

Of Kids and Pets

Met up with some secondary school classmates for dinner on Fri night. The group included 3 moms and 1 pregnant lady. As usual, a lot of the conversation hovered around their babies and i was so bored! I was pretty worried at one stage cos i was seated next to a mom whose daughter wouldn’t stop drooling – as in entire chin dripping kind of drooling. It was really gross. I can’t describe how glad i was when this butch finally came and swopped places with the mom with drooling kid.

Logically speaking, i think it’s not a bad idea to have children cos they can provide company when you’re old (assuming they don’t abandon you) but on an emotional level, i simply have no love for kids.

I know i probably offended some moms at the gathering by telling them bluntly that i find young children extremely dirty and unhygenic but i couldn’t care less – not after freaking almost everyone asked me when is it my turn. *Rolls eyes* I seriously don’t get this assumption – when did being married come hand in hand with having babies? The next time someone asks me that, i’m going to shoot back this question, “When are you getting divorced?”. After all, with divorce rates going up and birth rates dropping, my question is definitely the more logical one.

Anyway, the butch commented that when we eventually have more babies in the group, we’d probably need to have our gatherings at someone’s house. Eww.. I told her she can count me out. To me, a gathering for moms to show off their babies is like a pet show. Very akin to dog owners who bring their dogs out for exhibition and competitive shows.

Now, before you say i’m being evil, even the Straits Times hold a similar view. If you recall, about 1-2 years ago, pet owners could send in cute photos of their pets and have them published in the papers on Sundays. As of last year, i noticed this section of the Sunday papers is still going strong – except instead of sending in photos of pets, the column now shows off photos of people’s kids! Now what does that say eh?

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Better Safe Than Sorry

My dad, who’s an extremely risk averse person, used to warn against sitting directly below fans.  I used to do that too… but stopping being so careful as “nothing ever happened”.  Well, this article shows that… my dad isn’t that paranoid after all.



Wife recalls fan falling on her and husband

A couple were enjoying a late breakfast at a food centre in Bedok when they suddenly felt something hit their heads.

By Shree Ann Mathavan and Lediati Tan

21 January 2010

They were planning to have a late breakfast at a food centre after shopping for groceries.

The couple chose a table in a quiet corner as it was directly under a fan. They ordered their coffee from a drinks stall and were about to sit down when they suddenly felt something hit their heads.

Madam Genevieve Logaraj and her husband recoiled in pain. After the initial shock, they realised that the ceiling fan above them had fallen.

The spinning blades had hit them both before crashing onto the table and then landing on the floor. This freak accident happened at about 11am yesterday at Fengshan Food Centre at Block 85, Bedok North Street 4.

Said Madam Logaraj: "There was no sound, then I was hit on the head.

"Everything went black. I held onto the table and I felt faint. So I sat down and put my head between my legs."

The couple were taken to Changi General Hospital for outpatient treatment.

Madam Genevieve received three stitches for a cut on her forehead and her husband had eight stitches on the top of his head.


Microsoft & Apple vs. Google

Very interesting article.


Google Is Now Apple’s Greatest Enemy: Here’s Why

Let’s take a trip back in time. The year is 1994, and two tech giants are going to war over copyright. They are Microsoft and Apple, and they are fighting over a copyright claim by Apple over Microsoft and HP’s use of graphical user interface elements from the Macintosh OS. The resulting court case, Apple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, ended with a ruling in Microsoft’s favor, mostly due to a contractual license agreement between the two.

The matter was never fully settled by the case though. Instead, negotiations that took place several years later resulted in the two companies agreeing to make Internet Explorer Mac’s default browser. Microsoft also agreed to keep developing Office for the Mac. Most importantly though, Microsoft invested $150 million into Apple to keep it afloat.

This series of events, which happened while Steve Jobs was being reinstated as the CEO of Apple, set the stage for what is happening today between Microsoft, Apple, and Google. While Microsoft and Apple are still bitter rivals, several recent events have inadvertently brought them closer together in order to fight their common enemy: Google.

The phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes to mind. Let’s explore how we got to this tipping point.

Android: Google Enters Apple’s Turf

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined Apple’s Board of Directors in 2006, the move made perfect sense. Here’s what Apple said about Eric in its original announcement:

“Eric’s 20 years of experience as an Internet strategist, entrepreneur and technologist give him a well-seasoned perspective which perfectly complements Google’s needs as a young and rapidly growing company with a unique corporate culture.”

At that time, Google wasn’t in mobile, hardware, operating systems, or browsers. Now Google is directly competing with Apple through the Nexus One, Google Chrome, Chrome OS, and even possibly in the tablet computer space.

It all started with Android, though. Back in August 2007, details began to leak about Google building a mobile OS or even a GPhone. It turned out to be Android, the open-source mobile OS that is now the fastest growing smartphone OS on the market.

At first, Android didn’t pose much of a threat, but as more phones utilized the software, the relationship between Google and Apple became very uncomfortable. Eric Schmidt sat out board meetings discussing the iPhone due to conflict of interest, but the relationship only eroded from there.

Watershed Moment: Eric Schmidt Resigns from Apple’s Board

Tensions between the two companies grew worse after Apple rejected Google Voice as an app on the iPhone.

The resulting FCC inquiry, along with an FTC investigation and the announcement of Google Chrome OS were just too much. On August 3rd, 2009, Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple’s Board of Directors.

In retrospect, this was the moment when Apple, Google, and the rest of the world realized that the two companies could no longer be allies. Google’s expanding interest outside of search was pouring over into Apple’s domain on multiple fronts. With the search giant free of its Apple association, it could go all-out on its agenda to bring more people onto the web for longer (read the Google Revenue Equation to learn why).

The culmination of the breaking of the Google-Apple alliance? It was the release of the Nexus One, a direct competitor to Apple’s lucrative iPhone.

Recent Events: Apple and Microsoft Talk Bing

Yesterday we learned that Apple and Microsoft are in talks to make Bing the default search engine for the iPhone. While we’ve heard this rumor before, the talk seems to be heating up. Most of our readers expressed their dismay or shock over the potential deal, some questioning why Apple would ever team up with Microsoft over Google.

Really though, the deal makes perfect sense, given the new competitive landscape. Earlier today, Jim Goldman at CNBC provided some interesting new information on the dynamics of the Apple-Google-Microsoft relationship. According to his source, Steve Jobs hates Eric Schmidt (it wouldn’t surprise us) and Microsoft is offering a bigger cut of iPhone search revenues than Google.

While Microsoft and Apple’s relationship grew cold after the Redmond, WA company bailed Apple Computer out, it never vanished. Moreover, Steve knows that he can work with Microsoft, especially if it helps Microsoft hurt Google.

Android has become the de-facto alternative to the iPhone OS, and the Nexus One is closest thing yet to a smartphone that can stand up to the iPhone’s dominance. While Microsoft and Apple are still in competition over Mac vs. PC, Apple clearly believes that its future isn’t just in computers, but in other Internet devices such as the iPhone and the fabled Apple Tablet. Microsoft poses far less of a threat in these areas than Google does.

It’s time to call it: Google is now Apple’s greatest enemy. Soon Google will be entering its OS turf with Chrome OS. Apple increasingly sees Google as a major competitor over the next few years. While the company Steve built doesn’t particularly like Microsoft, it knows that it has to work with the lesser of two evils in order to succeed.

Say hello to the new dynamic. It’s Apple + Microsoft vs. Google. May the new battle begin.