My Favourite Nokia Apps

This is a little overdue but better late than never!  My Favourite Symbian Applications (so far and in no particular order):


This is a WordPress blogging software for S60v5 phones.  It also allows you to insert pictures and links in your blog posts.  You can also choose to publish or save your post.  Visit to download.


It puzzles me why Nokia, which had a “chat style” sms application for S60v3 phones in its Betalab, did not roll out this function for all their handphones.  This is after all one of the most common and most popular functions of many many other handphone manufacturers (HTC, Sony Ericsson, Apple).

After hunting around a little, I found a nifty application for S60v5 phones called Threadsms.  Visit to download.  Please note that the app costs about S$20.  I’m running the free trial version currently, and it’s sufficient for my needs, though the smses I send using the app has “Threadsms” appended at the end of the message.

Bible Software by Olivetree

I’ve not decided if I want to pay close to S$20 for a NIV bible.  I’m currently using the free KJV bible from Olivetree.  You can download this here:


This is the best twitter mobile client I’ve found so far.  It supports multiple twitter / statusnet accounts and you can upload pictures very very easily with it.  Twibble also supports the uploading of pictures, though it isn’t very stable – my pictures wouldn’t load 50% of the time.  To get Gravity, click here:  The trial only lasts 10 days unfortunately.  Snaptu is also a great twitter app (among other functions) but does not support the uploading of pictures.  That said, I suppose one could always e-mail the photo to twitpic in order to upload it…

Windows Live Messenger

YES!  The official Windows chat messenger is available for Nokia’s S60v5 phones!  Hooray for it!  It works pretty much the same as the desktop MSN, supporting offline messaging, profile pictures, etc.  Get this fantastic app here:

Straits Times

This came installed in my X6 but you can find it in the Ovi store too.  Get your daily news fix:

Nokia Photo Browser

Another great app from Nokia Betalabs, this photo browser makes viewing of your images very easy and you can zoom in simply by “pressing” your finger against the spot you want to zoom in on (I’m talking about touch screen phones ya?).  Get this fun app here:


Check your Facebook status updates, inbox messages, etc, at your convenience.  The X6 came pre-loaded with this app but you can find it at the Ovi store too:

Golden Village

This app allows you to check movie listings from GV.  My app came pre-loaded with the X6 and I couldn’t find it at the Ovi store.  I did a search online and it can be found here (I think):  Please scan for viruses before downloading!


There you have it.  Who said Nokia phones don’t come with cool apps?

More Infringements

Nokia recently filed a complaint with the International Trade Centre in relation to its claim that Apple has infringed its patent.  A summary of Nokia’s complaint is as follows:

  • The navigation wheel in iPods infringes Nokia’s patent from 2001 that patents a very similar technology.
  • iPhone and iPod Touch infringe Nokia’s patent from 2000 where the keys of a virtual keyboard on touch screen become larger when user touches the keyboard.
  • Most of Apple’s products infringe Nokia’s patent from 1998 related to text- and email messages where the phone numbers as well as www and email addresses are highlighted inside of the before mentioned messages. Then, for example, by clicking such highlighted phone number user can make a phone call or save the number in the address book. A click to a www address can open the web browser.
  • iPhone infringes Nokia’s patent from 2003 that describes a technology to shut off the touch screen of the phone during a phone call so that user’s ear or cheek would not cause false presses in the UI
  • Multiple Apple’s products infringe a patent that involes "combining multiple functionality of the camera on the same chip"
  • iPhone infringes Nokia’s patent (that saves space in the device) that "combines the antenna around the speaker". As a bonus a patent around power saving is mentioned.

Sigh.  I think Nokia really need to market themselves better ‘cos most people probably didn’t even realise Nokia owned the above technologies.