David Tao in Space – The Talk & Rock Show

I really must apologise for the poor quality of the videos filmed with my Nokia X6 (the sound is a lot better than the visual!!).  I’m waiting for the better quality videos taken with my friend’s digicam.  Will post them once I get them!  (Though it may take some time…) 

Here’s a selection of fast and slow songs from last night.






David treated all his fans to his guitar playing (he had like 3-4 different guitars!).  The stage was set up to look like a living room from the 70s.  Instead of having whole orchestras and backup singers like his previous concerts, David chose to stick to a simple 5 piece band (himself included) so the feel of the music was very different.  The atmosphere was terrific and the audience lapped up every song.  I’m so sad he may not be having another concert for some time now as he moves to the next phase of his career.  Boohoohoo!

Opus 69

Here’re some of the songs I like from David Tao’s latest album.  I think out of the 14 songs, I only didn’t enjoy 2 songs… loved the rest!  Even though I downloaded the album from Nokia’s Come With Music, I saw on one of his interviews on youtube that he also filmed a 1hr short film / protracted MV clip for the album.  Wonder if the hard copy album comes with it… if it does, I’m getting it!







By the way, with the release of this album, David Tao has completed his contract with his recording company and is now a free agent.  He will be moving on to directing movies, which was what he studied in college.  He said he’ll still be making music… but it wouldn’t be his focus anymore.  Sob.  Wonder when we’ll hear another album from him!

What I really love about his albums is that he is able to use many different musical styles – rock & roll (his favourite), R&B, ballads, etc, but each of his song has a very unique melody that stays with you long after you hear it.  Definitely not run of the mill.  He’s such a talented musician!