If I haven’t been posting much entries, that’s ‘cos I’m now hooked on my latest past time – Twitter. While blog posts are good for self-expression, Twitter allows your ego to indulge itself by posting constant updates of what you’re doing or thinking (as though anyone really cares).

Apart from talking about myself all day long, here’re some people I follow on Twitter:

David Tao

Joi Chua (Congratulations on your wedding!!)

And that’s it.  Haha… there’re more public Tweets that I follow but I think my favourite are the two above ‘cos they’re very personable.  🙂  (Plus I used to sort of know Joi Chua & brother from many years ago).

Anyhow, I’m still on the look out for Sammi Cheng’s twitter & blog (assuming they exist).  Anyone knows, do drop me a note!  Thanks!

*Tweet tweet*