Superstitious Talk

Someone said to me today that the more I say I detest children, the more likely that I may get twins.  I was like HUH!?!?!?  Since when did my words acquire the ability to be an opposite prophesy of the future?  This reminds me of an incident a few years ago.  A real estate agent I worked with said that the more I said I would never marry a non-Chinese, the more certain it was that I would marry one.  Questions marks popped all over my head when he said that.  I guess even if we didn’t “mean it”, we should still think about what our words are actually saying.  Would they come across as frivolous and superstitious?

Seriously, I also wished the opposite of what I said would always come true… then I’d be a millionaire by now, for all the times I exclaimed, “I’m broke!”