Landmark Nonsense

Remember my gripe about my friend who called Iceman and me to preach about the Landmark forum? Well, her husband called Iceman and me today. As he isn’t as sensitive and emotional as his wife, I explicitly told him that I’d never buy into this Landmark thing. Even though I don’t hold the same view as the French government, which has labelled them as a cult, I nonetheless think they’re a total waste of time. Why would anyone want to pay an organisation money to humiliate yourself on stage, in the name of “freeing yourself from your inner demons”?

Anyway, I laughingly told our friend today that Iceman and I do not buy into such things so we would never go for this Landmark cult forum.

After I ended the call, I told Iceman that I’ve decided that if I ever get a call from anyone about this Landmark nonsense, I’m going to tell the person that only one person can/has changed my life and that’s Jesus. My God died for me. I have no bondage to sin. I am free and I can be transformed through Him. People do not need any meaningless Landmark forum. They need a God who saves!

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