Of Kids and Pets

Met up with some secondary school classmates for dinner on Fri night. The group included 3 moms and 1 pregnant lady. As usual, a lot of the conversation hovered around their babies and i was so bored! I was pretty worried at one stage cos i was seated next to a mom whose daughter wouldn’t stop drooling – as in entire chin dripping kind of drooling. It was really gross. I can’t describe how glad i was when this butch finally came and swopped places with the mom with drooling kid.

Logically speaking, i think it’s not a bad idea to have children cos they can provide company when you’re old (assuming they don’t abandon you) but on an emotional level, i simply have no love for kids.

I know i probably offended some moms at the gathering by telling them bluntly that i find young children extremely dirty and unhygenic but i couldn’t care less – not after freaking almost everyone asked me when is it my turn. *Rolls eyes* I seriously don’t get this assumption – when did being married come hand in hand with having babies? The next time someone asks me that, i’m going to shoot back this question, “When are you getting divorced?”. After all, with divorce rates going up and birth rates dropping, my question is definitely the more logical one.

Anyway, the butch commented that when we eventually have more babies in the group, we’d probably need to have our gatherings at someone’s house. Eww.. I told her she can count me out. To me, a gathering for moms to show off their babies is like a pet show. Very akin to dog owners who bring their dogs out for exhibition and competitive shows.

Now, before you say i’m being evil, even the Straits Times hold a similar view. If you recall, about 1-2 years ago, pet owners could send in cute photos of their pets and have them published in the papers on Sundays. As of last year, i noticed this section of the Sunday papers is still going strong – except instead of sending in photos of pets, the column now shows off photos of people’s kids! Now what does that say eh?

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