Deli Turk

Iceman and I went to Deli Turk at Suntec (next to Kuishin Bo) for dinner last night.  The food was great!  Service was excellent too.  Here’re the pics of what we had.



Chick Pea salad for starters.  The chick peas came with olive oil dressing and seasoned with dill, parsley and spring onions.  Very appetising!



We shared the Mixed Grill Platter which had 3 types of meat (lamb, beef and chicken) seasoned in different ways!  Everything was well marinated with herbs, and the beef was savoury, the chicken had a tinge of honey and the lamb was a little spicy too.  Even the rice at the side was tasty.  Really really yummy.



This is the recommended dessert – Kunefe.  It’s a couple of layers of shredded pastry joined by a thin layer of unsalted cheese, baked in a hot oven, topped off with light syrup and served with pistachios and a drizzle of cream.  The pastry was crispy and the unsalted cheese was rich.  This has to be one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.



Iceman finished his meal with a cup of Turkish Coffee, which I must warn, even the “medium sweet” preparation was very bitter. 



I had a complimentary cup of tea.  So nice of them hor?  😛

As Iceman and I were waiting for our movie to start, we sat at the restaurant and chatted… and were given another 2 complimentary apple tea.  Such a sweet gesture. 

There’s also a branch of Deli Turk at 162 Upper East Coast Road.  Do check them out.  Highly recommended by me!!

Here’s their website:

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  1. YES!!! The food is great. Word of advice though, if you are having the mixed grill combo…do go there hungry!!!

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