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Landmark Nonsense

Remember my gripe about my friend who called Iceman and me to preach about the Landmark forum? Well, her husband called Iceman and me today. As he isn’t as sensitive and emotional as his wife, I explicitly told him that I’d never buy into this Landmark thing. Even though I don’t hold the same view […]

Superstitious Talk

Someone said to me today that the more I say I detest children, the more likely that I may get twins.  I was like HUH!?!?!?  Since when did my words acquire the ability to be an opposite prophesy of the future?  This reminds me of an incident a few years ago.  A real estate agent […]

Tay Ke Wei

For all pop concert fans, I’m sure you’ve heard of Singaporean, Tay Ke Wei, a regular backup vocalist for the likes of David Tao, JJ Lin, A-mei and Wang Lee Hom.  Having heard her live at 2 David Tao concerts, and the songs on her website,, I really can’t figure out why people say […]

More Law Suits

More suits against Apple, and this time Blackberry as well. Kodak files patent suit against Apple, RIM WASHINGTON: Eastman Kodak Co. announced on Thursday that it has filed lawsuits against Apple and Blackberry maker Research In Motion alleging they infringed Kodak digital imaging technology. The photography company said it had filed a complaint with the […]

Beichuan Now?

Watching 回家走走 on Channel U now.  Not sure who’s the Ch U actor but his hometown is near Beichuan.  The host and the actor made a trip to Beichuan and the extent of the devastation is really really sad.  I wonder how are the survivors coping today.  Can’t do anything for them except to pray […]


If I haven’t been posting much entries, that’s ‘cos I’m now hooked on my latest past time – Twitter. While blog posts are good for self-expression, Twitter allows your ego to indulge itself by posting constant updates of what you’re doing or thinking (as though anyone really cares). Apart from talking about myself all day […]


Saw on Facebook that Airbus is married.  Happy for him.  Congrats Airbus!!!

Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last week.  I dreamt that I resigned without a job and as I approached my last day with the company, I started getting overwhelmed with regret.  I then started thinking of excuses I could tell my boss that I didn’t want to quit anymore.  Heh.  I felt sad that I […]

David Tao Concert Pics

Here’re some clearer photos that my friend took during the concert! Lovely lovely concert!  I’ve been listening to his songs all weekend (playing them off my Nokia even when I’m in the shower).  Haha.

David Tao on Youtube

Found David Tao’s channel on youtube – The video clips of the concert rehearsal are so amusing.  I’m going to download ALL his albums from Nokia’s Come With Music.  David Tao 万岁!

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