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I really must apologise for the poor quality of the videos filmed with my Nokia X6 (the sound is a lot better than the visual!!).  I’m waiting for the better quality videos taken with my friend’s digicam.  Will post them once I get them!  (Though it may take some time…)  Here’s a selection of fast […]

Opus 69

Here’re some of the songs I like from David Tao’s latest album.  I think out of the 14 songs, I only didn’t enjoy 2 songs… loved the rest!  Even though I downloaded the album from Nokia’s Come With Music, I saw on one of his interviews on youtube that he also filmed a 1hr short […]

Tweetswitch Sounds Promising!

The “turtle” twitter bird looks damn funny. Sigh.  I was actually testing, an application that’s supposed to allow you to receive your tweets on instant messengers (MSN, gtalk, ICQ, etc) and it wasn’t working.  Maybe it’s a twitter issue… hmmm…

Dying of Cancer Clear-Headed?

Mobile phone use may stave off, reverse Alzheimer’s: study 07 January 2010 0823 hrs (SST) WASHINGTON : Long suspected of causing brain tumours, mobile phones are now being eyed as key allies in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, US researchers said Wednesday in a study. Researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) found, […]

iPhone, 2010

If Apple launches an iPhone with all the features listed in this article:, I will actually consider getting it.

My Favourite Nokia Apps

This is a little overdue but better late than never!  My Favourite Symbian Applications (so far and in no particular order): Wordmobi This is a WordPress blogging software for S60v5 phones.  It also allows you to insert pictures and links in your blog posts.  You can also choose to publish or save your post.  Visit […]

More Infringements

Nokia recently filed a complaint with the International Trade Centre in relation to its claim that Apple has infringed its patent.  A summary of Nokia’s complaint is as follows: The navigation wheel in iPods infringes Nokia’s patent from 2001 that patents a very similar technology. iPhone and iPod Touch infringe Nokia’s patent from 2000 where […]

Rainbow Car

I have a problem.  If I witnessed this car in an accident and had to describe it to the police, what colour should I say it is? Purple?  Green?  Brown?

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