Random Photos – Jan 2010

Here’re some random photos I took in Jan 2010.


My wedding band and engagement ring.  I was testing the macro mode of the Nokia X6’s camera and I must say I was impressed!



There’s this Ipoh Hor Fun place at Maxwell Chambers.  I can’t remember the name now – the business card’s in office – Weng Kee or something like that.  It’s pretty good.  The horfun’s smooth and very thin.  Delicious!



There’s this Korean coffee place at Icon Village called Tom N Tom’s.  The decor’s really nice but I thought the coffee was so-so only.  Maybe more aromatic than Starbucks but nothing to really shout about.



My new (above) and old (below) handphone straps.



For some reason, someone thought it was a great idea to celebrate Upsize’s birthday.  This is my 3rd year with the company and the first time it has happened.  I wonder if the fact we did our appraisals earlier this year, thus coinciding with Upsize’s birthday, had anything to do with it.


23012010197 23012010195

My dad decided to get a new dining table so the set above has been given away.  Sigh.  I miss it.  This dining set was bought by my parents even before I was born!



Saw this at Ikea last week.  “Property of Coca Cola”.  I just thought it was interesting.

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