Second Thoughts – WordPress App for Symbian

I’ve posted a few entries to my blog using the WP app for Symbian phones.  Like I mentioned before, the interface is neat and user friendly.  It’s also easy to manage your comments using the app.  Unfortunately, I found a major flaw with it – posting pictures is impossible!  I’m using the Nokia X6 32GB phone so memory space has never been something that I’ve had to be concerned with.  I have 225MB of free memory on my “c drive” and 21GB of free space on my “mass memory” (the drive comes partitioned).  You can imagine my horror, therefore, when I was unable to add photos via the WP app because it says my handphone ran out of memory!  Gosh!  If even the Nokia X6 can run out of memory, I daren’t imagine the other Nokia models.

I’ve posted this problem on the Nokia WP forum (  I hope someone finds a solution to it soon – else, I’m just going to stick to Wordmobi.  Although the interface is unattractive, at least it works!

My Spicy Love


If u love eating chilli, then i suggest keeping a bottle of Japanese chilli oil at home. U see, i’m the sort who cannot survive without chilli, especially when eating Chinese food. I must have my fried rice with chilli padi, yee mian with green chilli, etc. If smokers find it hard to quit smoking after picking up the habit in their teens, i 1st ate chilli padi in kindergarten so u can imagine how hooked i am.

Unfortunately, as Iceman and i hardly cook at home, our kitchen is devoid of things like garlic, onions and chilli. It’s thus highly distressing (for me at least) when i buy takeaway from the hawker centre and i’m not given enough chilli to go with my food!

The Japanese chilli oil is a real saviour on such occasions. The chilli oil is actually spicy, and tastes great with fried rice and noodles. So if u’re as big a chilli addict as me, i suggest u keep a bottle of chilli oil at home too. U can’t go wrong with it!