Twitpic Major Error!

an alarming twitpic error just happened to me. i posted a photo of my rabbit but the link that appeared on my twitter led to a pic that didn’t belong to me at all! wonder how did this happen! gosh!


I’m seriously upset by this.  Thank goodness the strange photo that appeared under my account with the comment I posted for the pic I uploaded was that of some animal.  Imagine if it were a pornographic photo or something.  I could’ve been totally humiliated.  This will not do.  I’ve sent a tweet to @twitpic and I’m going to send an e-mail to them as well.  I’m shocked beyond words.

This reminds me of my imeem account – I’ve stopped using it but there was a time when I used to get logged into other users’ accounts 30% of the time.  Yeap.  You read right.  I would key in my userid & password and when the page reloaded, it was some other random user’s account!  I would have access too all the messages of the other user!  Scary right?

Anyone else encountered this problem?