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Kiki’s Restaurant – serves Sichuan dishes.  Opened by Matilda Tao & some other celebrities.   Kangkong with fermented beancurd.  Reaaaaallly good.   Mala beef – this is a must try!  The medium spicy mala soup leaves a tingly feeling on the tongue.  The beef was tender & absorbed the flavour of the mala.  Soooooooooooooooooo good! […]

Just got back from our company’s teambuilding trip to Taipei.  It was great!  The food and shopping at TPE is definitely cheaper than in SG or HK, though I really detest the motor bikes there!  Here’re some memories of the trip.   Saw this sign at the airport.  What a nice way of you’re drinking […]


Met a client for lunch today and visited a newly opened ramen place, Nantsuttei at Parco Marina Bay.  We arrived at 12:40pm and boy was the queue long.  We persevered and managed to get 2 seats at the counter at about 1pm. The menu at Nantsuttei is rather limited.  I had the chashu ramen and […]

Twitpic Major Error!

an alarming twitpic error just happened to me. i posted a photo of my rabbit but the link that appeared on my twitter led to a pic that didn’t belong to me at all! wonder how did this happen! gosh! —————– I’m seriously upset by this.  Thank goodness the strange photo that appeared under my […]

Wikipedia on the Go

For those who fancy accessing Wikipedia on your Symbian device, do check out I just installed it on my X6 and it works pretty well – I did a search on Nico Rosberg. Haha.

Someone told me her English is good and that she used to always write reports to challenge credit committees and her legal counsel in her previous company.  I realised, however, that she is unable to differentiate simple vocabulary like “access” from “assess”, and today, she’s confused by how “you” versus “we” works in a letter.  […]

Giving more than 2 Hoots to Boots!

Weather Forecast from Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau   Weather Forecast from Don’t ask me why but all weather forecasts I saw online are about 2 degrees cooler than the forecast from Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau. Sigh… a little warm to wear boots it seems.  Why is it that the temperature last Tue / Wed […]

Cruel Parking Idiot

This is what I call a parking idiot, as well as a cruel dog owner. Not only can she/he not park straight, she/he always crosses over to the lot on the left, making it impossible for anyone to utilise the lot.  I wonder if our kind traffic wardens will issue a summon for this?  After […]

  My cellgroup regularly visits the restaurants and cofeeshops along Siglap Road for lunch after church.  Chewbacca, who’s our usual cause of gluttony, suggested trying this “famous bak chor mee place” he’d seen while driving along Changi Road.  Thought it was slightly further from church that we thought, the place was pretty ok.  Located at […]

HSBC’s Out of Sync

Just wanted to warn everyone who uses online banking for their HSBC credit cards, the stupid security token device will “run out of sync” if u don’t log in after 4 weeks. I hardly ever use my HSBC credit card so when i tried to login today, after 5 months of not checking my account, […]

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