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Evil Thought

Irritating neighbour. Wet laundry behind car. Bird shit on boot. Hmm..

Cyborgs & Aliens?

My webmaster told me last week that my blog may be under attack by some spam bots ‘cos he noticed that there were some IP addresses accessing many pages of my blog at the same time.  I said I wasn’t sure about that but my monitoring of the stats showed that I get about 180-200 […]

Many Faces of Me

For some reason, I decided to look through my photos to see all the hairstyles I’ve ever had and this was the result.  Heh.

I’ve posted a few entries to my blog using the WP app for Symbian phones.  Like I mentioned before, the interface is neat and user friendly.  It’s also easy to manage your comments using the app.  Unfortunately, I found a major flaw with it – posting pictures is impossible!  I’m using the Nokia X6 32GB […]

My Spicy Love

If u love eating chilli, then i suggest keeping a bottle of Japanese chilli oil at home. U see, i’m the sort who cannot survive without chilli, especially when eating Chinese food. I must have my fried rice with chilli padi, yee mian with green chilli, etc. If smokers find it hard to quit smoking […]

Be Glad

Just wanted to share 3 acapella songs I like very much by the group, Glad. You Put this Love in my Heart [audio:Glad-UPutThisLoveInMyHeart.MP3] Be Glad [audio:Glad-Be-Glad.MP3] Someone to Watch Over Me [audio:Glad-SomeoneToWatchOverMe.MP3]

The Root of My Dilemma

I was thinking about disclosing my full identity again last night and I think the main issue I have is not about what I write, but the personality I project.  A lot of times, people do not want to disclose their names or pictures on their blogs because they are afraid of the repercussions of […]

Taipei Temperature

The highest temperature in Taipei is hovering in the 20-22deg Celsius range… I hope it stays this way for the next 3 weeks so I can wear boots there!  Woohoo!

Booze Queen, Iceman, Azure and I decided to check out the steamboat buffet at Crystal one rainy evening in March.  $18.90++ seemed like a good deal since we wanted an air-conditioned place for dinner. For all who intend to go for it, do note that the “Spicy & Sour Tomato with Beancurd Soup” is not […]

To Forgive

Forgiveness is a concept that is hard to grasp. While we often hope we can be forgivened without having to suffer the consequences of our actions, we often want people who have wronged us to suffer their just deserts – at least i’m more inclined to forgive someone if he/she’s been punished; but is that […]

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