Hello Boss

Sigh.  My boss saw my blog just now.  Actually there’s no big deal – just that I generally don’t let colleagues know about this blog because I want to draw a clear line between my private life and my work life.  Guess I can soon go public all together ‘cos doing the review of the N900 for SPH may blow my cover anyway.


Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine & Max Brenner (Esplanade)

Celebrated my birthday at 7atenine with Iceman, Booze Queen & Azure last week.  We went to 7atenine at the Esplanade.  The ambience was nice and booze was very reasonably priced.  Food… not that great but I guess the environment made up for it.  The service staff were also polite and very pleasant.  Here’re some pics.


Nothing like a good Hoegaarden on tap to start the night. 

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Great company.



Iceman & me


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Left: Cod fish balls (hardly any cod fish!!) & calamari rings.  Lovely presentation but I could do with more substance…

Right: Sauteed mushrooms – this was yummy.



I forgot the name of this Indian dish but it was pretty good – apart from the “lao hong” papadum.


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Left: Aglio Olio – taste is pretty unusual ‘cos the spiciness came from the chilli sauce rather than chopped chilli padi, which is what I’m used to.

Right: Udon Cabonara – i thought this was so-so only.  Tasted a bit flat.


We adjourned to Max Brenner for dessert.  This was good… but it was soooo rich I felt like dying…


My milk choclate suckao – mix the chocolate chip & milk in the little container/bowl that is heated with a candle, stir, and use the metal spoon cum straw to slurp it up.  Cocoa high…



Booze Queen’s hot chocolate.



Churros (with cinnamon sugar ) fondue!!

I think we ate enough calories to last the month!

败犬女王 / My Queen / Queen of No Marriage

TTVimage (1) 

Started watching 败犬女王 aka Queen of No Marriage aka My Queen for the 3rd time last night.  I’ve never been a great fan of Taiwanese dramas so I didn’t have very high expectations when Ch U first started showing the series.  After watching the first few episodes, however, I found it soooo funny that I went to buy the DVD!

TTVimage (2)

“败犬” (translated literally as “defeated dog”) is a derogatory term referring to women who are unable to find a guy – doesn’t matter how successful, beautiful, talented they may be. 

What caught my attention when I first started watching was the fantastic comedic timing of the cast.  This drama has also made me a huge fan of Cheryl Yang, the female lead.  In the show, there’re many scenes where Cheryl Yang’s character (called Shan Wushuang) doesn’t speak and her thoughts are being narrated.  What impressed me is that Cheryl Yang’s facial expressions are damn good.  She’s never exaggerated and is able to give very nuanced expressions / body language to express the narrated thoughts.  Simply captivating!


The storyline is simple enough – older single woman meets younger guy (called Lucas & played by Ethan Ruan) but before their relationship even starts, the woman’s ex-boyfriend (called Leslie Sung & played by James Wen) reappears and she finds out that it wasn’t his fault that he “walked out” on her just before their wedding 6 years ago.  She then has to choose between the ex and the younger guy.


It may sound run of the mill but I think it’s the way the scriptwriters handled the story.  The woman’s pain over her ex is given a very realistic airing and viewers also get to see how her relationship between the younger guy and her is developed.


I don’t want to go into the twists and turns in case there’re any Chinese drama fan who hasn’t watched it yet – though that’s highly unlikely since it’s the most popular Taiwanese drama export in recent years.  I read online that there were 2 camps of viewers – one that supported Cheryl Yang returning to be with her ex, and the other wanting her to choose the younger guy.  This was one drama that made me laugh (really loudly too) and cry. 

Love love love love love it!

(Note 1: To the folks who have watched it.. did you realise that in the scene where Lucas finds Leslie’s medical report, the name on the medical report was James Wen, i.e. the actor’s real name?  Hehe.)

(Note 2: I got the pics above off Google.  If they belong to you and you want me to remove them, I’ll be happy to do so).

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for not updating this blog – I stopped after I uninstalled Windows Live Writer from my office laptop.  Don’t really like to use the web interface to blog so I kept telling myself I’ll post updates when I get home.. but I’ve been reallllllly obsessed with this Taiwanese drama, 败犬女王, that all I’ve been doing the past 2 weeks is watch the DVD at night!  Heehee.. yeap!  I just finished watching it for the 2nd time earlier tonight.  Such a lovely show.

Guess I’m going to take some time to update all the stuff that’s been happening in May.  For starters, HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Didn’t have any major celebrations – just dinner (separately) with my parents, cellgroup and jiemeis.

I was going to post my reviews on the dinner places we went to… but it’s 12:59am so I think I better go zzz.  Heh.  Goodnight everyone… if you want to know what’s really going on in my life… follow my tweets!!