Hello Everyone!

Sorry for not updating this blog – I stopped after I uninstalled Windows Live Writer from my office laptop.  Don’t really like to use the web interface to blog so I kept telling myself I’ll post updates when I get home.. but I’ve been reallllllly obsessed with this Taiwanese drama, 败犬女王, that all I’ve been doing the past 2 weeks is watch the DVD at night!  Heehee.. yeap!  I just finished watching it for the 2nd time earlier tonight.  Such a lovely show.

Guess I’m going to take some time to update all the stuff that’s been happening in May.  For starters, HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Didn’t have any major celebrations – just dinner (separately) with my parents, cellgroup and jiemeis.

I was going to post my reviews on the dinner places we went to… but it’s 12:59am so I think I better go zzz.  Heh.  Goodnight everyone… if you want to know what’s really going on in my life… follow my tweets!!

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