Bling Nokia X6 Cases from eBay

I never used to buy much stuff online because of the risk of parting with money before seeing the actual goods.  The only thing I buy regularly over the Internet would probably be concert tickets and maybe 1 or 2 handphones from Singtel’s online shop.

Recently, however, I got quite hooked on bling handphone covers and bought 3 off eBay in the last 3 months!  Here’s a pic of my purchases.


I bought the pink crown design (middle) first.  I really like it because of the sweet pink and it’s not overly bling.  The drawback is that the jewels forming the crown is very raised and thus the handphone doesn’t sit well if I rest it on the table (unless I put it face down).  I bought the heart design (right) next.  The picture on ebay appeared a lot more pastel pink so when the actual thing came, it was a little too bling for my taste.  I used it nonetheless ‘cos – buy liao don’t waste money mah.  The heart design also comes with a front cover which has its pros & cons.  The advantage being that it gives more protection to the handphone… the bad thing is that accessing some areas on the touchscreen can be a little difficult.

The skeleton design is my latest purchase – I think it was sitting in my mailbox for a few days because I forgot about it and didn’t check my mailbox.  Haha.  Just went down to collect it tonight and boy am I pleased with it.  The actual product looks better than the eBay photo (and my photo).  The black crystals aren’t too shiny but the white and pink crystals are so it really makes the design stand out.  I like the fact that it’s not overly sweet, but yet not too devilish ‘cos of the cutesy pink eye-patch on the skull.  :)  Very pleased with it.

I think I’m going to keep rotating the 3 cases.  Hehe.  Will use in accordance to my mood.  For anyone else who’s keen on the above, be warned though – the crystals drop off quite easily (only the pink heart design came with a strip of extra crystals).  I believe these crystals are easily purchasable and repairs can be done… but you know me lah… so lazy… I won’t bother.  Hahahaha.


It occurred to me that it’s no point “favoriting” a tweet because if the person who tweeted it decides to shut down his/her account, all the tweets will be lost (which was what happened to Elva Hsiao).  Since most of my favourite tweets consist of replies I received from David Tao, I decided it’s best for me to take a “snapshot” of them.  🙂















That’s all for now.  More to come!!

Busy Day

Today was a busy day.

9am – 11:20am: Attended conference at Shangri La

11:40am – 3:15pm: Had lunch in the meeting room while doing up a policy wording, endorsement and powerpoint slides for meeting at 3:30pm.

3:30 – 6:40pm: Meeting with bank client.

7pm – 8:30pm: Back in office clearing work and having discussion with bosses on how to resolve certain policy issues.

9pm – 9:40pm: Dinner at home.

9:45pm – 9:54pm: Just closed the extension of another policy. Typing out my busy day as a “break”… then going to continue working.

Sigh. Bigmac is right. We need someone who is able to clear work while we’re out for meetings… unfortunately Fillet isn’t up to it… so thank God she quit!

I look forward to hiring her replacement!!

Little Woman

Someone told me this weekend that she doesn’t change her hairstyle cos her husband doesn’t like her to perm her hair nor rebond it. So 小女人. I was lost for words. She reminded me of some housewife back in the 1940s who depended financially on her husband and lived and breathed whatever he wanted her to do.

It stuns me that a university grad can be so backward in her thinking that i’m typing this on my hp at 2:15am cos i need to get it out of my system. Shocking.


為了安全起見,從此以後,愛小男生的朋友就稱為“冬瓜”。。。因為她是個矮冬瓜!哈哈哈。至於講話大大聲的就叫“Quarterpounder”。 因為看起來很大,可是料不多。每當需要找他時,他就好像 promotion ended 一樣,煙消雲散!

Another One of Those…

I suspect Fillet might have gone for a job interview last Friday ‘cos although our office allows dress down on Fri, she was wearing formal work attire.  In addition, she took half day leave for Fri afternoon.  I asked her what’s the reason for her not dressing down and she said she was meeting friends who dress very formally and thus she wanted to “match them”.  For someone who loves to dress down, that sounds like a mighty lame excuse to me.

In any case, I wouldn’t mind if she finds another job because she doesn’t seem very cut out for our business.  I mean, she sure isn’t the brightest spark around… this was a conversation we had this morning.

Fillet: If the premium terms of payment says 30 days, does it mean I have to write the exact date down?
Me: Yes.  Of ‘cos you have to specify the exact date in your billing.
Fillet: So if it says “30 days terms of payment”, I cannot just say e.g. 21 July 2010?
Me: Erm… but if it’s due 30 days from today, given that the month of June only has 30 days, then of ‘cos it’s 21 July 2010 right?
Fillet: [Points to calendar] So I have to count 30 days to get the date?
Me: *Pauses* if the month itself has 30 days, then obviously it will be the same date as today, just a month later right?  If the month has 31 days, then it’ll be one day less lah!  E.g. If it’s due 30 days from 21 July, then it’ll be 20 Aug lor!
Fillet: So I have to count lah?
Me: [Deciding that this is another of those “I can’t out talk stupidity cases] Yah.

Nokia N8

Found out a bit more about the WebTV services that the N8 will offer.  Here’s an extract from techielobang:

The Nokia N8 enables access to Web TV services that deliver programmes, news and entertainment from channels like CNN, E! Entertainment, Paramount and National Geographic.  In addition to these international content, Nokia has collaborated with local content providers to bring Web TV content to consumers in Singapore and Malaysia when the Nokia N8 hits the stores. The local Web TV content programmes include Channel NewsAsia, Makansutra, 8TV and TV3 as well as Virtual Malaysia.


Accidental Bitch

The MRT lift was overloaded just now.  The last person who entered, a woman, kept telling the person near the lift controls to “Press, press” (referring to the buttons).  The lift doors obviously wouldn’t close ‘cos the lift was overloaded, as stated on the display panel.  I couldn’t take it so I said, “Lift is overloaded.  Press also no use.  Can the last person who entered go out?  Thanks.”

The woman hesitated for a second, then stepped out with a black face.  Well, I didn’t mean to sound so bitchy… actually I didn’t even realise how bitchy it sounded till I said it, but too bad lah.  Life is harsh.  😛