Right Guy for the Job

After doing a second interview for 2 candidates today, Bigmac and i decided we really want one of them. We’re going to offer him a position on Mon and i really hope he takes it up because he’s intelligent and i believe his personality will help him get along with the rest of the team. My worry now is that he won’t take up the offer cos Kid’s Meal and i may have over emphasized the part about how we want someone who’s willing to stay for 1 – 2 years and that may have scared him off. Anyway, will have to leave it to God. If he’s the right person for the job, then i really pray he’ll accept our offer.

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Had dinner with LKK and Beanstalk today. I enjoyed it. It was nice hearing LKK share about how Kid’s Meal and him fell out, then sort of reached a truce. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not gloating over the friction they experienced. I’m juz glad that i learnt more about my colleagues today, and that everything’s been resolved. I was also surprised that Beanstalk observed Fillet to be a pampered person who expects to be spoon fed in everything. He hit the nail on the head!

I really hope Bigmac decides to let her go on gardening leave. Seems like she has a blog too and she has been badmouthing us on it. She also complained to Beanstalk and LKK previously that she didn’t get any bonus this year, and that no reason was given.

I can’t comment about the no reason part cos Bigmac told me it was cos she was still under probation, and that he gave her a raise when she was confirmed. I know that it’s not company policy not to give bonus just because a staff’s not confirmed but she really ought to reflect on her work performance. For someone who tells people that she understands credit structures but don’t understand how simple interest works, she should be ashamed of herself. Her slack attitude and unwillingness to learn is also something i find unacceptable. To her, work is a place you go to pass time, have a laugh, have coffee, etc. I find that totally unacceptable. What disgusts me most is that she is now painting the company in bad light 2nd influencing others to slack with her. Sigh.

Bigmac and i are meeting 2 candidates for a 2nd round interview on Fri. Told Bigmac i really don’t know how to choose between them so i really need his opinion on this. He said i should choose the one most similar to me cos i would want to propagate the same culture / value system as what i believe in in the department. That would be the candidate i met today, except he’s so good at smoking answers that i can’t tell if he means it. In Bigmac’s own words, i met my match. Haha. Anyway, i pray it all goes well!

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Ramen Culture

Heard from a colleague that Ramen Culture at Icon Village opened today so we decided to pop by for lunch.  Between the 3 of us we had the seafood yakisoba, black pig ramen and chilli miso ramen. 

black pig ramen

Black Pig Ramen

I really enjoyed my black pig ramen – the soup was tasty and even though there were thin strips of fats in the pork, it didn’t have the horrible squishy texture which I hate.  My colleague, Lian, said that the seafood yakisoba was tasty, albeit a little too oily.  Booze Queen didn’t like the chilli miso though.  She has since swore (almost) on Twitter that she’s never going back to Ramen Culture.  She felt that the ramen was too oily and lacking in taste.

I think I wouldn’t mind going back but not in the next few months – Ramen Culture really needs to sort out their operations.  3 tables were taken up by the staff’s belongings – laptops,  bags, etc.  The staff were disorganised and the food took forever to come.  Tables that came after us got their food first, not to mention that there was a mini explosion of sorts while we were waiting…

The 3 of us were seated at the counter when a loud “boom” went off.  We heard glass shatter and smelled something burning.  I think one of their pots burst or something.  The cook gave a haphazard apology while the staff behind the counter scrambled to get things in order.  I was quite worried about broken glass ending up in our food but thank goodness my fear was unfounded.

Anyway, I wouldn’t condemn the restaurant just yet – but I wouldn’t suggest anyone eating there in the near future.

Cycle of Un/Forgiveness

Every Sun before taking the Lord’s Supper, we’re reminded to not hold any grudges against anyone and to forgive anyone who sins against us. I’m personally reminded that if God can forgive me for all my sins, then who am i not to forgive a fellow human being. But everytime i go back to work, Xiao Wang always finds a new, creative way to backstab me. So this hate-forgive cycle continues. Wonder when will this cycle be broken. Hmm..

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Watch Your Step

I’ve thought about it. I’ve tolerated Xiao Wang long enough cos I didn’t want to 撕破脸 and make it hard to cooperate on deals in future. But enough is enough. If he dares insult my wording or bad mouth my bosses 1 more time, I’m raising a complaint all the way to the top. He will learn the meaning of 最毒妇人心. 死八公。看来你是不见棺材不流泪。

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“Ringtail” Therapy

I’ve been working pretty long hours recently and that leaves me with every little time (if any) to go shopping after work.  I thus decided that online retail therapy is a little indulgence that I should allow myself.

Saw these 2 rings from www.mylittlebow.com.  I know they may seem a little kiddy but I quite like the semi-vintage look.  Heh.  So I bought them anyway.


I quite ilke the Audrey Hepburn one tho’ it’s big!  I think I shall wear one of the rings tomorrow.  Muahahaha.


My dad finally went for a comprehensive medical check-up last Friday. The initial results indicate high blood pressure (170/85) and a borderline blocked artery. The clinician at CGH was good – informed a doctor who came to see my dad straightaway.

The doc prescribed some meds for the hypertension while pending for the full results of the check-up.

I have to admit I am pretty anxious about the news, particularly about the blocked artery. As my dad works from home, he’s alone for most of the day and my worry is in the event of a heart attack or stroke, he may not get the immediate help he needs.

My nightly prayers for the last few months have mainly hovered around 3 issues – good health for my parents, their salvation and a healthy long life for my rabbits.

I am worried and I am anxious. I want my parents to be with me for as long as possible and this is the first reminder of life’s temporariness.

I will pray.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

~Phil 4:6-7