Prive at Keppel Marina

We visited Prive at Keppel Marina to celebrate Azure’s birthday in what Times News would consider her most beautiful year.  There was some level of cam-whoring (which is barely anything compared to younger-sters nowadays).



Booze Queen taking a pic of the birthday girl.



Birthday girl felt cheated in this shot…



So we took another one where she deliberately stuck her head behind Booze Queen.. hehe.



Iceman & I.  I had to commemorate my mushroom hairstyle.



I had some mixed berries shake (on the right) which was recommended by the waitress.  Pui!  Lousy recommendation.  Shake was not good.

The chocolate & banana shake (left of pic) was delicious though (ascertained by Iceman & Booze Queen).



This is the 3 Continents Espresso Shake.  I ordered a 2nd shake ‘cos the first was so unsatisfactory.



Pic of Iceman’s Prive Ultimate Breakfast (at least I think that’s what it’s called).  Pretty yummy.



All the ladies had the same thing – Eggs Benedict.  It wasn’t too bad but I actually prefer the one from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because I like the cream cheese they use.  Heh.



We also had a bit of dessert.  Left – honey and fig cupcake (moist & good).  Right – apple cinnamon cupcake.  No complaints either.



The prices at Prive are reasonable and I think the ambience is quite nice.  Love of the view of the marina.  Good place to just chill out and have a late late late breakfast.  Haha.

Bug Bear with the iPhone 4

Just found out from my cousin (and verified this with a friend) that there’s a touch screen bug with the iPhone 4.  Touchscreen phone 101 says that the screen must black out (i.e. be deactivated) when the phone is held to the face while taking a call.  Sadly, the proximity sensor / the software on the iPhone 4 has issues – which means that users taking a call on the iPhone 4 very often end up "touching" the buttons on the phone while on a call, resulting in the call being cancelled, etc.  This is plain silly.  This bug was supposed to be fixed with firmware 4.1 – but it’s not. 

The amazing thing is that Apple has managed to keep this very quiet.  Had this happened to Nokia, Samsung, etc, I think it would’ve been a big hooha all over the Internet.

Then again, if you can forgive a handphone for not being able to receive calls (aka "the death grip"), what’s there not to forgive about a crappy screen?

Orchard Towers

Tonight was my 2nd visit to the bars at Orchard Towers and the 1st time I made small talk with a transexual. Feel quite sorry for them cos I don’t think anyone likes to be groped. It’s demeaning. But for whatever reason they’ve chosen this life, it can’t be easy.

I was impressed how Bigmac spoke to them as he would any other person. I need to put aside my prejudice. 不应该用有色眼光看他们。

Drinking Horses

A friend of mine shared with me a couple of months ago that she had very challenging sales targets to meet at work.  When I e-mailed her about a potential deal I had for her, however, she replied me via SMS to say that she was unable to access her personal e-mail at work, and requested that I resend my mail to her office e-mail instead.  I thought that was strange ‘cos if she could reply me via SMS, why couldn’t she just forward the e-mail to her work address?  So being the lazy person I am, plus the fact that I wasn’t the one hard up for business, I never got round to sending my requirements to her work e-mail.

Over the weekend, this same friend shared again about how hard it is to meet her sales targets, which reminded me of the above incident.  Well, the deal I had for her is gone – closed by another service provider.  This led me to think – it’s no point telling people you need help if you don’t do anything about it.  To sum it up, one can lead a horse to water, but one can’t make it drink.

What It Means to Me

Someone shared last week that when she was younger, she used to see me lead worship in Senior Sunday School and felt that it was quite cool to be able to decide what song everyone sings. 

Someone asked on Twitter today what does “It is I who speak in righteousness, mighty to save” mean.

Opening my bible to read more about the context of the verse it came from (Isa 63:1), some old old cards fell out.

I read those cards.  They were from old friends, some of whom I no longer keep in contact with.  They reminded me of how we used to be close, of the happy memories we shared during our growing up years, and of the stubbornness that tore us apart. 

I struggled very long over how to reply the question on Isa 63:1.  Do I give the overview of what the book of Isaiah is about?  Do I give the different opinions different religious groups have?  Or do I share what the verse means to me?

In the end, I explained the verse in accordance to its significance to me.  I guess it’s what we feel in our hearts that matter.


The Making of 暗恋

Mio is disgustingly slow!!!  Good grief… takes like 5-8 refreshes before I can load any page.  What the hell is wrong with Mio?!?  My nightly Internet connection is so damn freaking unstable ever since BPL started.  ARGH!.

Anyway, I couldn’t find the entire Admiration MV (but that’s ‘cos I still can’t load tudou / youku and ppstream  but I did find the making of the MV on youtube.







Hope I can find the MV… eventually.