Drinking Horses

A friend of mine shared with me a couple of months ago that she had very challenging sales targets to meet at work.  When I e-mailed her about a potential deal I had for her, however, she replied me via SMS to say that she was unable to access her personal e-mail at work, and requested that I resend my mail to her office e-mail instead.  I thought that was strange ‘cos if she could reply me via SMS, why couldn’t she just forward the e-mail to her work address?  So being the lazy person I am, plus the fact that I wasn’t the one hard up for business, I never got round to sending my requirements to her work e-mail.

Over the weekend, this same friend shared again about how hard it is to meet her sales targets, which reminded me of the above incident.  Well, the deal I had for her is gone – closed by another service provider.  This led me to think – it’s no point telling people you need help if you don’t do anything about it.  To sum it up, one can lead a horse to water, but one can’t make it drink.

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