Bug Bear with the iPhone 4

Just found out from my cousin (and verified this with a friend) that there’s a touch screen bug with the iPhone 4.  Touchscreen phone 101 says that the screen must black out (i.e. be deactivated) when the phone is held to the face while taking a call.  Sadly, the proximity sensor / the software on the iPhone 4 has issues – which means that users taking a call on the iPhone 4 very often end up "touching" the buttons on the phone while on a call, resulting in the call being cancelled, etc.  This is plain silly.  This bug was supposed to be fixed with firmware 4.1 – but it’s not. 

The amazing thing is that Apple has managed to keep this very quiet.  Had this happened to Nokia, Samsung, etc, I think it would’ve been a big hooha all over the Internet.

Then again, if you can forgive a handphone for not being able to receive calls (aka "the death grip"), what’s there not to forgive about a crappy screen?

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