Prive at Keppel Marina

We visited Prive at Keppel Marina to celebrate Azure’s birthday in what Times News would consider her most beautiful year.  There was some level of cam-whoring (which is barely anything compared to younger-sters nowadays).



Booze Queen taking a pic of the birthday girl.



Birthday girl felt cheated in this shot…



So we took another one where she deliberately stuck her head behind Booze Queen.. hehe.



Iceman & I.  I had to commemorate my mushroom hairstyle.



I had some mixed berries shake (on the right) which was recommended by the waitress.  Pui!  Lousy recommendation.  Shake was not good.

The chocolate & banana shake (left of pic) was delicious though (ascertained by Iceman & Booze Queen).



This is the 3 Continents Espresso Shake.  I ordered a 2nd shake ‘cos the first was so unsatisfactory.



Pic of Iceman’s Prive Ultimate Breakfast (at least I think that’s what it’s called).  Pretty yummy.



All the ladies had the same thing – Eggs Benedict.  It wasn’t too bad but I actually prefer the one from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because I like the cream cheese they use.  Heh.



We also had a bit of dessert.  Left – honey and fig cupcake (moist & good).  Right – apple cinnamon cupcake.  No complaints either.



The prices at Prive are reasonable and I think the ambience is quite nice.  Love of the view of the marina.  Good place to just chill out and have a late late late breakfast.  Haha.

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