Christmas Lunch – PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill Park

Had a Christmas lunch with Booze Queen and Azure just now.  We went to PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill Park.  Really fantastic place.  I’m super full now!  Heh.


Here’s a pic of my iced mocha in Sepia tones.  Nice retro looking pic.  😀



I had the caesar salad with blackened salmon.  It was delicious!



Azure had this egg crab tart.  There were strong hints of lemongrass in it… so the dish was very “Thai” to me.  Heh.



Booze Queen had this chicken for lunch though the name of the dish escapes me now.  The spinach cooked with garlic was really good.



The 3 of us also shared this friends fries with truffle oil… salty… but darn yummy!

After the super filling lunch, I thought I would be full & sleepy in the office.. but I was wrong.  ‘Cos I’m being irritated and kept awake by a colleague who brought his baby to office YET AGAIN.  I seriously don’t know why people bring their kids to work.  If your kid can shut up, fine.  But it’s damn blardy annoying to have a wailing baby in office.  I don’t want to take any calls now ‘cos it’ll be so embarrassing for clients to hear a crying baby in the background – not professional at all!

I saw this sign outside PS Cafe.


I think we need to hang something like that at our office too!!

(Pictures taken with the Nokia N8!!)

记得 (Remember)

FM93.3 has been playing JJ Lin’s 记得 quite regularly recently. I remember the first time I heard this song was during this songwriter forum at 爱琴海. JJ Lin was still an unknown singer then and was about to relocate to to taiwan to start his singing career. The melody of the song was written by him but the original lyrics were by his then regular collaborator, also a Singaporean whose name I’ve since forgotten. When the demo was presented to A-Mei, the melody was selected but the recording company got someone to rewrite the lyrics. King of sad for the guy who wrote the lyrics. I sometimes wonder what happened to him since. Did he continue pursuing a career in song writing? Or did he go into another career after NS?

I recall the other song writers teasing JJ Lin for looking like a skinnier version of William So. JJ also wore tinted glasses that day and because the lights were dim, when JJ wanted to play and sing the original lyrics of the song, he had to remove his tinted glasses resulting in more jibes. Heh. It was a funny day.

Time has really flown since then. I’m glad JJ has made it big. He’s very talented musically and I’m always pro local artistes.

Posted from my Nokia N8