What I Dislike About the Nokia N8

Having used the N8 for close to 2 months now, there’re 2 things that annoy me.

First, why are users in Singapore restricted to English, Malay & Chinese?  What can’t I install a myriad of languages like in the iOS?  I’m told I need to go to Nokia Care Centre to get them to install additional language packs.  Isn’t this a waste of my time & the care centre personnel’s time?  If it can’t be preinstalled, at least let it be downloadable online!!

My second peeve is with the T9 keyboard.  For words that I input into the dictionary, sometimes, when typing a sentence, the word is auto-capitalised mid-sentence.  My previous Nokias never had this problem!  Darn annoying to have to select the small caps version of the word.  Grr.  I gotta find time to feedback to Nokia about this!!

Read this review about the N8 http://rickycadden.com/2010/11/nokia-n8-review/ and I must say I totally agree about the annoying bit about the punctuation inconsistencies! Hope it gets resolved in the next firmware. For now, I’m happy with using Swype to type longer texts (it’s nifty & fast) while I memorise how to get the right punctuation due to the inconsistencies.