Horlicks – Surgery

Horlicks did a dental surgery last Friday to file down her teeth.  The vet suspected that was the cause of her only being able to eat pellets last week (she refused to eat veg & hay since the Fri before last).  She seems to be doing slightly better this past week – she now eats pellets and fresh vegetables but she simply refuses to eat hay anymore, even when she’s hungry.  Like last night – she was licking her empty bowl – think she was trying to tell me she’s hungry.  So I tried to feed her hay.  She grabbed the hay with her mouth, then threw it back at me.  Thrice.  I then took some softer bits of hay, put them in a tray & gave them to her.  No better.  She tried to grab the tray & fling it away too.

In the end, I felt sorry for her so I gave her a tiny tiny portion of pellets, which she took really long to eat… about 3x longer than her speed prior to her eating problems. 

Sigh.  Someone told me that the lifespan of lops are about 6 – 8 years.  Horlicks is roughly 5 years 8 months… is this a sign of old age?  The beginning of the end? 

Horlicks was also less energetic last night and preferred to be alone than to fuss over Pinky as usual.  Pinky, was walloping the hay.  During the 30min I spent with Horlicks, Pinky helped himself to 4 servings of hay. 

My dad asked the pet shop to send some samples of this more expensive and supposedly more fragrant hay (1 bag costs $40 compared to the normal variety of hay at $16 per bag).  We really don’t mind spending the money. As my dad says, bunnies don’t have very long life spans… if they’re happy, why not right?  Who doesn’t want to be cared for and pampered in their old age?

A Million Dollars

What would you do if you struck a million dollars in Toto?  (I’m talking about Singapore dollars here.. not Rupiah or something).  I’ve decided I’m going to rent a push cart and sell handphone & tablet accessories (screen protectors, covers, pouches, hard cases and the like).  I’ve observed that the handphone accessories push cart on the 4th floor of Tampines Mall has fantastic business but I know how I can do better – I’ll rent a space just outside the forever-packed-like-sardines Singtel Hello! Shop on level 2 and sell my accessories there!  Muahahah.  That should ensure I snare all new handphone buyers.  *Evil laughter*…

So if you’re the owner of the push cart on the 4th floor, watch out!  You’re going to be out of business once I strike Toto.

Worst Service Ever from a Helpdesk

I just got a call from Fetsi who introduced herself as a supervisor with Nokia Care.

Fetsi: Hi Miss.  I received your e-mail regarding the Channel News Asia app.  I understand that we have advised you 2 possible fixes, i.e. to wait for the next available software update or to download the app from Ovi store.  I would like to check if you have tried and if it works?

Me: Was my e-mail not clear enough? 


Me: I repeat.  Was my e-mail not clear enough?

Fetsi: Sorry Miss.  But did the fix work?

Me: Wasn’t it clear enough in my e-mail whether it worked or not?

Fetsi: I must apologise.  I got your case number but didn’t see all the e-mails.

Me: Then why are you calling me if you don’t know what’s going on?

Fetsi: (Apologises profusely).  I will raise this with 3rd level support and get back to you soon.

*Rolls eyes*.

Happy 5th Birthday, Pinky!!

16 Jan 2011, Sunday, was Pinky’s 5th birthday – but terrible terrible me actually forgot about it!  The irony is I remembered last week.. but somehow, there were just too many things going on this weekend and it slipped my mind!

I visited the bunnies at my parents’ place before dinner this evening but spent most of the time brushing Horlicks’ fur.  I noticed she had quite a bit of dead fur that needed brushing out so I spent at least 15min brushing her fur, including the tangled fur surrounding her bald bottom.  Think I got half of the tangled fur out?

Pinky was a little jealous that the attention wasn’t on him.  The guy’s been so used to being fussed over since he was a baby.  He tried to get attention by stuffing himself next to Horlicks but I still gave most of my attention to his mommy.

Sigh.  Poor boy.  Thinking of buying him an apple as a birthday treat.  Hehe.  Definitely a more healthful option than buying those sweet treats from pet shops!

Here’re some photos of Pinky from when he was a baby till now.  I think he’s the handsomest bunny ever!


newborn Pinky & Fatty

Pinky & his sibling Fatty who died at a week old.  Pinky’s the one on top.  Fatty was much bigger in size at birth.. but somehow he just couldn’t absorb the nutrients from Horlicks’ milk and suffered a fit on day 7 & died.  There was a 3rd baby – but it didn’t survive the first night.  *Sniff.



Fatty’s on the left.  Looking at his skin, I suspect Fatty would’ve looked like Muah Chee – single colour (beige/brown).  Pinky was named thus ‘cos he was soooo pink!  The brown spots on his body is now where the brown fur is.  The pink parts, the white fur.


pinky2 - 24 jan 06

This was a pic of Pinky taken on 24 Jan 2011.  It was quite a struggle for him to grow.  He was soooo tiny!


pinky stretching!

Here’s a pic of Pinky stretching subconsciously when he was asleep.  See how tiny he was – smaller than my hand!



Pinky crawling on me.  Started opening his eyes a little more after 3 weeks.


after bath2

Pinky after a bath.



He slowly got to be more than a handful!



Pinky used to sleep on my lap.  Hehe.



He really hated this t-shirt…



And then the ears started to droop…


pinky eating with horlicks

Horlicks & Pinky – like mother like son!!



Pinky feeding.



Patting Pinky to sleep.



Pinky see…



Pinky do!


alert pinky

Pinky was a pretty alert bunny too.


reading papers

He was a keen reader.


pinky n horlicks

Pinky loves hanging out with Horlicks.


bad influence

Follows everything she does – including jumping on top of cages.


family photo

Pinky meeting his dad, Muah Chee.  We had to separate them ‘cos Horlicks was very protective of Pinky when he was born and would attack any rabbits that went near him, including Muah Chee!  Muah Chee, however, always doted on Pinky.  Never once did Muah Chee bully Pinky.



Greedy Pinky trying to reach the food pellets!



Pinky snuggling up to his daddy in Jan 2008.



Quite sad.  Don’t have many photos of Pinky and his daddy ‘cos MC passed away in Mar 2008.



MC was quite overweight then but he nonetheless tried to keep up with Pinky.



Pinky’s last family photo.  I took this before I went Australia for a holiday.  MC died when I was in Melbourne.

Though Pinky’s fur colours are the same as Horlicks, I always felt his features were more like MC’s – rounder face, longer ears.



Fast forward a little.  Here’s Pinky in 2010.  He & Horlicks pushed over a container of pellets to that they could enjoy it straight off the floor.  Tsk tsk.



Pinky – on the living room table!



Pinky in 2011… stuffing his face.  Haha.

My Latest On-going Battle with Nokia Care

This must be the best Taiji move I’ve seen coming from a technical support centre.  Can’t solve it – delay it.  Check out their latest reply to my issue.



Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

Since the application you are referring to is pre-installed, we suggest that you try to wait for the upcoming software version for your device to have it re-installed.

We apologize for the inconvenienced caused.

You may like to visit our website at www.nokia.com.sg for more information and support for your Nokia device. If you have further enquiries, please write to us again or contact Nokia Careline at 6822 8888. We operate between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm, seven days a week.

Kind regards,

Joyce T.
Nokia Careline

Do you know you can now update your phone software at your own convenience? Visit www.nokia.com.sg/support to check if your phone model is supported and download the "Nokia Software Updater".



Readers, please join me in applauding Nokia Careline for their great customer service and deflection of problems they don’t know how to handle.

*Clap clap clap*

I Survived!

After 4 long years, I made it down to salsa today.  Went for the Jitterbugs’ social.  I was really really happy that I got to see Vandalin, Z and CL.  Also got to know 2 new friends through AL… though I was a little insulted by what one of them said.

I know I know,  I was the one who said I haven’t danced for 4 years.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t dance right?  Not knowing my background, he said to me, “This song is a little fast.  A bit too fast for your level.  Maybe we dance the next one”.

Wah lau.  I was lost for words man.  My level?  Hello… allow me to blow my own trumpet.  I’ve a foundation in ballet, did some basic funk & modern dance in uni, and have been on a salsa performance team previously including a performance at the US West Coast Salsa Congress.  What do you know about “my level” dude!!

After I heard that, I immediately turned to Vandalin and asked if he could dance that “fast song” with me. (Actually I wouldn’t even consider the song fast… it was just a moderate pace.  Mr “Not My Level” ought to try the songs from my competition piece or some of our past performances if he wants to know what’s fast!).

That said, assessing my own level of salsa now, I realised my main struggle today was with being quick enough in the transfer of weight.  There were a few times when I struggled with a particular move because I didn’t bounce back / transfer my weight fast enough.  Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll get it back the next time.

I’m still most comfortable doing spins (actually, I LOVE doing spins and was quite disappointed not all the guys I danced with know how to lead spins – yes, that includes you Mr “Not My Level”).  I also realised that most of the gals on the dance floor weren’t doing spins right.  Most were using 1 leg to pivot & the other leg to “push” when they should really be putting both feet together, lock their arms and allow the guy to spin them.  That’s the best and steadiest way of doing spins.

As usual, I felt like dying after the first 3 songs.  Totally out of breath.  And my calves cramped on the 4th song though I managed to finish the dance.  That, I also blame Mr “Not My Level” because I had to keep “jamming brakes” while dancing with him.  Well, I usually don’t criticise guys who are still learning because everyone needs time to learn the proper technique but right after dancing with him, I danced my 5th dance with Z and boy was it a breeze!!

So my conclusion is, if a guy is able to lead  well, it’s effortless for the gal to follow, and even do more complicated moves with ease.

Okok.  I know I sound like I’m damn pissed and am never going to dance with Mr “Not My Level” ever again but that’s not the case lah.  I was slighted (and thus am whining) but when I told Vandalin & Z what he said, we all had a good laugh about it. 

I think I danced about 10 songs in all.  My second wind came after the 5th dance.. and from then on, I stopped panting after every song.  Haha.

Z asked me what made me decided to go salsa tonight.  No particular reason leh.  Just itching to dance lor.  Plus getting to see a few of my old friends made me really happy.  PIty SB wasn’t out tonight – I would’ve liked to dance with him to (my 2 favourite leads are Z & SB. Smile)

I think I’ll try to go again in 2 weeks.  It would be ideal if I could go salsa on alternate weeks  I think it makes for good exercise.  Dancing 10 songs of average 4-5min each is as good as doing a 40min cardio workout! 

Ok.  Time to go hang up my laundry then sleep.  Got to be in church at 9:30am tomorrow!!

Nokia Customer Care SUCKS!

The Nokia Customer Care in Singapore really really sucks.   I think it would be a challenge to find another helpdesk more lacking and inadequate.  I asked @NokiaSg on Twitter who should I send a complaint letter to.  They requested that I told them my problem over e-mail.  Fine.  So I did. 

I sent an e-mail to Text100, which is the PR company in charge of Nokia’s branding & PR in Singapore.  This was my e-mail.


I know you guys are the PR company handling Nokia’s branding, etc, so this really isn’t directed at you.  However, it appears to me that the Nokia Customer Care in Singapore is outsourced and the helpdesk folks are really really crap.  Is there any one who’s really from Nokia that can look into this?  My request is a very simple one actually.
This is my complaint:
My N8 came with a Channel News Asia app which allows me to read the news (note – this is not the WebTV app).  The app became unstable and kept hanging so I uninstalled it.  Thereafter, I was unable to find the app on Ovistore.  I contacted Singtel who said I had to refer the matter to Nokia.
So I emailed Nokia.

1. Joyce T. told me to download the app from Ovistore & copied & pasted some standard instructions on how to download apps from Ovistore.  This obviously shows she doesn’t even know what apps are available on Ovistore which is unacceptable.  Even if she doesn’t know all the available apps, surely it wouldn’t kill her to check before replying a customer?

2. After I replied stating that this app is not available on Ovistore, Arnie S. replied saying he has validated and the app is indeed not there.  Didn’t I say it already?  Why repeat information that I gave to Nokia back to me?  Arnie S. also suggested that I updated my firmware.  Another stupid suggestion because the N8 has no firmware updates to be done. The much hyped PR1.1 is not out yet.  There was a software update but that was only available today – after Arnie S’s suggestion. 

3. I replied again informing Nokia that my firmware is currently the latest version.  I also asked if Nokia was 100% sure that the CNA app will be restored if I reinstalled my firmware.  Yen G. replied affirmatively and told me to do a backup of my N8 before reinstalling the software.
To prove to Nokia that it wouldn’t work, I did the software update.  And it doesn’t work.  So what happens now?


The best thing is, Nokia actually sends surveys to people who have written to the helpdesk for help.  Well, I gave them the worst grading possible for every single question in the survey.  I also reiterated the above in the survey.  Wonder if anything will actually be done?

The last time I gave them a damning survey, the research company handling the survey called me from the UK.  They made 2-3 calls actually and seemed genuinely interested to find out more.  I applaud them for that and I noted that the no. of staff in their helpdesk has doubled since then (that was about 2 years ago).

Unfortunately, quantity is obviously not quality.

I have to confess that my e-mails to the helpdesk staff were sarcastic but  my tolerance limit was breached 2 years ago

Argh.  When can Nokia improve their customer service?