Busy Busy Busy!

Will be going to Hong Kong for holiday from Thurs – Mon.  Super busy start to the week so far.  Got a proposal I gotta rush out by tomorrow (it’s 1/3 done), 2 policies to close and many more deals to negotiate.  Well, not complaining about my very active deal pipeline – just hope my remuneration matches my budget!!

Went to colour & trim my hair just now.  It’s now a very subtle dark brown and shaped in a nice round bob (but my mean husband says I look like the helmet pig plush toy from AngryBirds from behind).  Grr.

Ok.  Can’t blog anymore.  Gotta continue with my proposal – I actually got a decent amount done while at the hairstylist’s!  Heh.

Cya after I’m back from HK!!  Realised I’m really backdated with my holiday photos.  :P  Will post Jiuzhaigou pics soon!  Oh crap!  I didn’t even post my Jpn photos hor… hahahahaha.


Every once in a while, we may need to make certain career choices – whether to stay in the same company, or even in the same industry.  I suppose the decisions made can be based on a number of factors: remuneration, career development prospects, recognition, title, working environment, etc. 

I recently thought of changing industry.  I suppose was tempted by the new challenges it would bring and the fact that it would be an excellent “Plan B” to the colonisation attempts that are happening in office right now.  The “pay bump” as Wanbao puts it was also a good incentive.

After due consideration, however, I finally decided that I may be getting ahead of myself in executing a “Plan B” when the worst has yet to happen.  In addition, I am confident that looking for another job has never been a problem for me, and all the more will not be a problem now.  So I’m going to hang around for a little while more & see how things pan out.  🙂


Think one of the biggest entertainment news on the Internet recently is Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui’s reconciliation. I was really happy when I read the news. I started listening to Sammi’s songs after I chanced upon her mp3s which were saved on this shared pc at work. This was way back in 1998 when I was temping at an IT helpdesk. I subsequently got to hear Andy Hui’s songs on the radio and became a fan of his too.

I thought that they were really similar in this indescribable way. When I later found out that they were a pair, I thought it was a match in heaven! Sadly, they went their separate ways in 2004 and like hordes of fans, I was rooting for them to get back together.

I really hope their relationship will bear fruit. Sammi’s been an additional inspiration to me since she became a staunch Christian a few years ago. A post on Andy’s Weibo not too long ago suggests he may be close to accepting Christ too.

I’ll definitely be praying for them. 希望有情人终成眷属!