Busy Busy Busy!

Will be going to Hong Kong for holiday from Thurs – Mon.  Super busy start to the week so far.  Got a proposal I gotta rush out by tomorrow (it’s 1/3 done), 2 policies to close and many more deals to negotiate.  Well, not complaining about my very active deal pipeline – just hope my remuneration matches my budget!!

Went to colour & trim my hair just now.  It’s now a very subtle dark brown and shaped in a nice round bob (but my mean husband says I look like the helmet pig plush toy from AngryBirds from behind).  Grr.

Ok.  Can’t blog anymore.  Gotta continue with my proposal – I actually got a decent amount done while at the hairstylist’s!  Heh.

Cya after I’m back from HK!!  Realised I’m really backdated with my holiday photos.  :P  Will post Jiuzhaigou pics soon!  Oh crap!  I didn’t even post my Jpn photos hor… hahahahaha.

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