Spent the last 3 days reading an information memorandum on an infrastructure project in Ghana.  Also did a bit of reading online about Ghana and I must say my opinion of Ghana has improved from all my reading.  To me, Ghana is so far away from Singapore that I can scarcely imagine what life is like there.  I do know someone from Ghana though!!  He was my senior & my block representative when I was staying in NTU Hall 11.  He was a few years older than the rest of us, and came to Singapore on a Standchart Ghana scholarship.  Really good guy – good character, responsible, humble & efficient.  I met him only once after leaving uni – a couple of years ago when he came to Singapore on a biz trip.  He was still with Standchart and doing very well.  I really hope the infrastructure project I’m reading about will go through.  It will definitely help the lives of the people living in rural areas.  Wonder how my old hall friend’s doing too.  Maybe I should do a search for him on Facebook…

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