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Had sort of an epiphany a few days ago… a revelation of sorts.  Occurred to me that I feel that my blog is at its most “real” and most meaningful when I write down my thoughts.  Sort of like how one might share one’s innermost thoughts in a diary.  The thought just came to me […]

It’s Over!

Had a great weekend. Why is it over so fast? Boohoo! Time to sleep. Going to be so tired tomorrow. Bleah!

In Thought and in Deed

I finally understand this. Indeed, the hurt one may cause and the resulting ill effects when one sins in thought is no less than when one sins in deed. A person who passively accepts a third party’s advances is as bad as the third party. This us why God tells us to keep our hearts […]

An Answer

Finally got an answer tonight. Before I joined my current company, I also interviewed with a trade credit insurer. After going through 3 rounds of interview, I was told by HR that I stood a very good chance, and they asked me to wait 2 weeks for the CEO and his deputy to return from […]

More food photos!!   I hardly hardly eat street hawker food in HK… the one and only time was when I shared this erm… flour egg balls thingy with Azure last year.  After trying the curry fish balls, however, I’m totally in love with it!  Yummy!  I prefer those that just come with the “curry […]

The trip was extremely fun despite the terrible inconvenience and distress caused by Jetstar (they kept sending me SMSes & e-mails saying my flight itinerary changed, despite me logging into their system to confirm the amendment to my return flight 3 times.  Then on the night before my  flight to HK, I got an erroneous […]

Missed It!

Aiyah!  I know I said I’ll try blogging at least once a week but I missed it last week.  Was just way way way too busy.  Came back from HK to tons of e-mails… and my colleague was on 2 days leave so there was no one around to help me.  Worked past 8pm from […]

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