Defending Beliefs

I wanted to blog about this earlier but somehow didn’t get down to it. I’ve been a PAP supporter by and large but I’ve never really studied their policies in an in-depth manner. I never really bothered before cos their policies made sense to me so I was too lazy to give deeper thought to it. I guess you can say I was politically apathetic.

During the recent elections, however, people online seemed to be slamming the party left, right, centre, to the extent that the PAP started appearing like an underdog to me. That got be curious. Were they really that bad? Were they really the arrogant scums people made them out to be? I had comments on my facebook saying things like, “PAP disgusts me”.

These sort of unsubstantiated comments ignited my curiosity. So I started researching into the accusations thrown at them and the more I read up, the more baseless I found accusations to be. That made me a firmer supporter of the party and I’m glad I went through the process cos when I put that cross on my ballot paper, it was with full confidence in them.

I’m thinking of doing more reading on apologetics now. I feel it’s only when we seek put answers to naysayers that our faith will grow. 🙂