Slipshod Work

I was told by a trade credit underwriter today to ignore a list of typos i found in the policy cos they don’t affect the policy’s coverage, terms and conditions. As this policy was not placed by me, i left it to the relationship manager to decide whether to insist on correcting the mistakes or not.

That said, I’m not too pleased with this attitude and mindset. Sure, i know we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. But a policy document is a legal contract. Shouldn’t errors be rectified? Do we let mistakes slip by juz cos the client’s first language isn’t English and thus they may not notice?

I don’t think I’m being difficult cos these were errors i spotted on FIRST reading. I wasn’t even paying any special attention but the errors jumped out at me. If i read the policy a second time and focused on spotting errors, I’m sure I’ll find dozens more.

I’m really struggling to accept this sort of slipshod work. I am not pleased.

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