English has been the official language in Singapore for the past 3-4 decades. It is also the primary language used in schools. It thus puzzles me when Singaporeans around my age cannot seem to handle the language.

An underwriter I’ve been dealing with recently has made the most atrocious mistakes ever!! Here’re some examples of the horrendous English I’ve had to read recently.

1. “As adviced to the policyholder…”
Is it that difficult to differentiate ‘advice’ and ‘advised’?

2. “We seek your upmost help to provide updates timely”
I had to read that sentence like 10 times. “Upmost”? “Updates timely”? What the hell…

3. “After weighting all information on hand…”
Weighting information?!?

4. “As highlighted to you previously, we would like to empathised herein again”
Glad to know the underwriter has so much love and empathy…

*Rolls eyes*