Hong Kong, Again!

I’m going Hong Kong for the 2nd time this year!  This trip was decided rather hurriedly.  My mom was moaning that she hasn’t confirmed any holiday plans… and she even contemplated following my aunts on a tour to HK… which I thought was ridiculous since they all speak fluent Cantonese and HK’s such an easy place to get around.

So I offered to accompany my mom to HK – if she pays for the hotel.  Heeheehee.  My mom agreed.  Smile with tongue out

Anyway, gotta pay off some credit card bills quickly b4 I catch a nap.  My flight’s at 6:30am!

Monkey See Monkey Do

It’s quite funny.  To me at least.  I have a habit of writing down the various tasks that I need to do on a post-it and sticking it on my laptop.  As the list of tasks grow, so do the number of post-its.

Yesterday, my boss walked over to where M1 sits & said to me, “Eh, he learn from you is it?”

I looked over & realised that M1 has also developed the habit of writing things down on post-its & sticking them all over his laptop.  Hahahaha.


Facebook leaves me conflicted. Sometimes I’m glad it allows me to keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances, sometimes it satisfies my curiosity and busybody-ness about which old friend / schoolmate came out of the closet, and sometimes it reminds me why some friends remain on FB only.

Empty Vessels

From the comments Tan Jee Say has made, it appears that he has no idea what the President of Singapore can and cannot do. And his comment about wanting to check the “excesses of the government”? Good grief! I wonder if he remembers that HE was the one who wanted to frivolously take out $10bil from our reserve to give to any S’porean to start their own business, regardless of viability and never mind if they failed.

Things that could have been Prevented

We found out today that a 2nd account of ours is under attack by one of “GRC” that left. This is something that I don’t understand. It’s been 2 months plus since the account was handed over to the new account servicer. Why wasn’t more effort put into the 2 months to build rapport to the client? In terms of company strength, technical set up and staff expertise, there’s no way our ex-colleague can win us. The only thing we lacked is rapport since our ex-colleague had a “headstart” in this area. And this is something that should have been obvious to the person who took over. You know you’re the new kid on the block so you gotta work harder. You cannot assume that the client you inherit will be loyal to you like your other clients.

I wonder what more can be done to drive this into the department?