Things I Don’t Understand

There’re many things i don’t understand.

Why do people sit cross legged on chairs in foodcourt?

Why do people slurp when they eat?

Why can’t guys tell there’s gravy/ food all over their mouths/ chins?

Why do girls with elephant legs wear miniskirts?

Why do people walk on the road instead of the pavement?

Why do some drivers not signal?

Why do people drive without their headlights in heavy downpour?


最近不断的追看「步步惊心」。很精彩,非常好看。演员们都很帅,尤其是演八爷的郑嘉颖。看了剧情里居住在皇宫里的人,每天的日子真的是步步惊心。跟错主子随时会人头落地。想了想,现代人在事业里做出的每个决定,每个举动也跟古人差不远。一个错误的选择就可能是career suicide。选工作,一半的决定不离于选对老板啊!

Helping People Who Don’t Help Themselves

I don’t mind checking the work of my subordinates (in fact, I’m more than happy to do so). I don’t mind helping my boss prepare or check through presentation slides or tender reports because that’s part of my job. But it irks me when I have to ALWAYS help another colleague, who’s supposed to be the head of another team, check through her work – again & again. The worst thing is that whenever I do so, I can tell that not much care has gone into the work ‘cos it’s so slipshod. The occassional careless mistakes is fine. But when I go “WTF” on each & every single presentation slide? Come on man! Surely the quality of the work could have been better? And it irks me even further when while I’m “WTFing” her slides, she would have gone home ‘cos she firmly believes in “work life balance”. Seriously. WTF.



Bought this Fancl collagen tablet during my HK trip. My mom was telling me that she takes it for maintenance of her skin. I’ve tried the collagen drink from Fancl too. Though my mom & I agree that we aren’t sure if taking collagen really helps our skin but we concluded that it doesn’t cause any harm so why not.

Anyway, strangely, I’ve been taking this collagen tablet for 1 month now & while I’m not sure if it does anything for my skin, I have noticed that it helps with my water retention problem! Doesn’t quite make sense cos collagen’s not known, nor has it been shown to have any effects on water retention. However, I’ve always suffered from water retention, especially the 2 weeks before my period comes and in the past month, I’ve only had mild cases of water retention so far. I can’t explain it but I can’t deny it either.

Well, should someone someday find a link between the prevention of water retention & collagen, remember, you heard it here first!