Bought this Fancl collagen tablet during my HK trip. My mom was telling me that she takes it for maintenance of her skin. I’ve tried the collagen drink from Fancl too. Though my mom & I agree that we aren’t sure if taking collagen really helps our skin but we concluded that it doesn’t cause any harm so why not.

Anyway, strangely, I’ve been taking this collagen tablet for 1 month now & while I’m not sure if it does anything for my skin, I have noticed that it helps with my water retention problem! Doesn’t quite make sense cos collagen’s not known, nor has it been shown to have any effects on water retention. However, I’ve always suffered from water retention, especially the 2 weeks before my period comes and in the past month, I’ve only had mild cases of water retention so far. I can’t explain it but I can’t deny it either.

Well, should someone someday find a link between the prevention of water retention & collagen, remember, you heard it here first!

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