Helping People Who Don’t Help Themselves

I don’t mind checking the work of my subordinates (in fact, I’m more than happy to do so). I don’t mind helping my boss prepare or check through presentation slides or tender reports because that’s part of my job. But it irks me when I have to ALWAYS help another colleague, who’s supposed to be the head of another team, check through her work – again & again. The worst thing is that whenever I do so, I can tell that not much care has gone into the work ‘cos it’s so slipshod. The occassional careless mistakes is fine. But when I go “WTF” on each & every single presentation slide? Come on man! Surely the quality of the work could have been better? And it irks me even further when while I’m “WTFing” her slides, she would have gone home ‘cos she firmly believes in “work life balance”. Seriously. WTF.

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