Enters the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!

Enjoying my 3-week break before starting work at my new company. Had dinner with my new colleagues last week. I think it’ll be good. It’s a lean team but everyone is technically strong so i believe this team will rock the market.

Two underwriters told me that they’re glad the 3 of us left my old company… Cos we dominated the market and could pressure the underwriters. They said it was good to “spread the talent pool around”. But the way i see it, my new company will be even stronger than my previous one… Except our focus is in Structured Trade & PRI.

I’m looking forward to my upcoming holiday in NY & to start work at the new company. The Empire needs to be taught a lesson.

Remuneration vs Passion

Ever heard the saying 钱不是万能,但没有钱却万万不能? In the past year, i have been approached by a few companies who felt that i may be able to contribute to their business. I considered joining a bank, insurer, reinsurer and brokers. Ultimately, it came down to a choice between taking up the position as head of department in my current company and joining another brokering house. I decided on the latter due to a variety of factors, including but not limited to the the job scope, the office politics (or the lack thereof), the colleagues and so on.

Having said that, i have to admit that the luxury to mull over these qualitative factors was anchored on the fact that i was going to get a decent pay increment at my new company. Although the HOD position would have paid more, if the pay at my new company was not to my expectations, it would have been unlikely that i would want to make the switch.

If you think about it, it’s very similar to how we spend money to buy things right? Why do people fork out top dollar for a BMW? A Kia would also take you to from point A to B isn’t it?

What i’m trying to say is that there’s no free lunch. You want something good, you gotta pay for it. Although choosing to serve the nation requires one to have the passion (similar choosing your career), remuneration, while not everything, is still an important factor.

Bringing Others Down

So the hot topic today is how our ministers’ salaries will be cut. I’m quite indifferent about it. After all, bringing down their salaries isn’t going to increase mine right? If people feel they’re earning too little, then they should focus on finding ways to increase their income, be it find a new job or take on a side line. Heck. If u’re good enough, go be a minister & u can earn that high salary too.

I read that a politician from an opposition party said that the new politician is not money motivated. Really? I think the old guards are not money motivated. Fighting for independence from British rule is driven by an idealism & belief that we should have the right to govern our own nation. Politicians these days? Would top brass from the private sector join politics if their remuneration was pegged to the bottom 20% of wage earners? Come on man. Get real please.