I realise people who take photos fall into 2 broad categories.  There are those who take artistic photos and there are those who take photos to document the moment.  I definitely don’t fit into the former as I don’t have an artistic eye.  Furthermore, although there are many apps that can edit photos & add effects, I’m always very unsatisfied with the results – because I have this strong inclination to reproduce/ present the photo in the most accurate colours as possible. 

I suppose I feel this way because when I snap a picture, it’s to preserve the memory of that moment and thus I want it unadulterated. 

Anyway, had lunch with friends at Dean & Deluca today.  Here’re the photos (taken with the wonderful Nokia 808!!)



Dean & Deluca, Singapore (Orchard Central)


Sauteed brioche french toast with salted caramelised bananas & fresh berries.  (Really yummy!!)


Colour sugars


Iceman bought tomato sauce for making pasta


Can’t remember what these contain but I really liked the wooden box


The preserved pears looked really tempting…


Saw some people rock climbing too…


Though they were on metal rungs…

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