So while queuing at Golden Shoe to buy my ice blended kopi, there was this male customer in front of me who asked the old auntie at the stall, “What type of your coffee beans do you use?  Is it Arabica?”

The poor old lady looked totally stunned.  “Simi Arabica?”, she must be thinking.  Despite her lost look, the guy kept probing – what sort of beans is this?  Do you know if they’re Arabica?

Another lady at the back said they are not sure cos the coffee powder was purchased by their boss.  They only man the stall.  The guy then said (in a polite tone), “But you’re selling coffee.  How can you not know what beans you use?”

Now, at this point I was getting a bit pek cek.  I mean… this is GOLDEN SHOE for goodness’ sake.  As far as I’m concerned, as long as it tastes good, who cares what beans they use?  (Though a search online just told me that local kopi uses Robusta beans).

Anyway, the guy was really persistent.  He then went to ask where were the coffee beans from.  The auntie said they were from Indonesia and the guy asked which part of Indonesia?  “Sulawesi?  Java?  Sumatra?”.

Again, the auntie had no clue.  Then the guy nearly went into an exposition on how knowing where the beans came from can tell you what type of beans they are because there are two types of coffee beans blah blah blah”.

WLE.  I was really a bit du lan by now.  So I cut in the conversation & asked the auntie how much did MY kopi cost.  The guy then reluctantly gave up.

Really wonder what’s his problem.  Trying to show off his new found knowledge about coffee?  Cannot make it.  Want to show off go Starbucks & show off!  Don’t harass the aunties at Golden Shoe!

Facebook Like

I posted on Facebook the other day that the iron was left switched on at maximum for 3 day and it was a huge waste of electricity. A friend commented lucky didn’t catch fire, which i totally agree. There were also jokes made about how this is not the way to become Ironman, which i thought was pretty funny.

Then a friend suddenly “liked” my original post and i was like huh??! Are you trying to tell me that you liked the fact that electricity was wasted? Or that my flat could’ve burned down?

I think people should be careful and think about the significance of “liking” things on Facebook.

Two Blur Guys


Tried out Two Blur Guys for lunch yesterday.  The restaurant itself is rather small – think it seats only 15 people or so.  The 2 waitresses holding the fort were relatively efficiently I guess. 


I had the smoked salmon & avocado blurger.  Prety good!  The blurger comes with salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (very good, not too sour) and a really delicious potato salad (it’s just a tiny blob of potato salad – hidden by my blurger in the pic).  Wouldn’t mind going back there again.


I guess everyone’s really excited (or not) about Jia Jia & Kai Kai coming to Singapore to breed for 10 years. Foreign talent, they say.

Anyway, I had lunch with clients at Sichuan Douhua (UOB Plaza) on Fri and guess what the restaurant gave for complimentary dessert?  Yeap, you guessed it – little pandas! 


There was a PRC in our group & I think he was the only one who didn’t eagerly tuck into the cute little red bean panda.  Someone joked if it’s cos it’s a national treasure so he’s not eating it.  Hehe.


The table (for 12 pax) had this really huge tea cup too filled with tea.  Couldn’t resist taking a pic (well, we were early so my boss & I took pictures before the others arrived.  Haha).

Hong Kong (30 Aug–3 Sep 2012)

Can’t believe it took me till 3Q 2012 to go HK!  So glad I went.  Love the food & the shopping!  Realised Esprit’s pricing in Singapore is really expensive.  If you see the price tag, it lists the item’s price in HKD & SGD (among other currencies).  The thing is, even though the exchange rate is now about HKD6.2 to SGD1, the price tag still uses a rate of HKD5 to SGD1!  I guess Esprit didn’t bother to update their Asian pricing policy since it’s in their favour anyway.

Apart from eating & shopping, I also did a bit more touristy stuff like visiting the Avenue of the Stars & watching the HK Harbour Light Show.  The last time I went for this was in 2007 but it’s been a long time since I saw the harbour without haze (think the last I had a clear view was in 1998!)  It rained on & off while I was at the light show but it’s ok.  Had some rather decent photos anyway. 

Here’re some selected pics from my trip!

Love the fresh & tender kai lan and springy wanton noodles from Mak’s Noodle:




The zha jiang mian from Mak’s Noodles is good too. The gravy’s slightly sweet but with a spicy aftertaste:



Never saw such huge Po Chai Pills before!



The Maxim Bakery & eatery at Kimberley Road is not bad too.




Food from some random cha chan teng around Tsim Sha Tsui area – not comparable to my favourite Kam Moon Court, which has closed since 2011. Sad smile





Agnes B Cafe @ K11 (Hanoi Rd):






The curry fishballs from 7-11 are actually better than the ones at Granville Rd!



Mango dessert from Hui Lau Shan!



Almond flavoured egg pudding from Australia Dairy Milk Company. This is reeeeeally good!




Tsui Wah’s famous fish ball & fish puff noodles. Pretty yummy.


The iced yuanyang (in the background) is the best ever! The toast… was so-so.


Pork & preserved veg noodles. Looks plain but tastes good.


Tsui Wah is famous for its curry, a recipe left behind by some Malaysian chef. Gotta say the curry was pretty good & mildly spicy. Slurp!



Dimsum from my favourite Che’s Restaurant.












Chicken wings in Swiss sauce, beef horfun & roasted pigeon (my fave) from Tai Ping Koon:





Statue of Bruce Lee along Avenue of the Stars



Night shots of the harbour taken from Avenue of the Stars.




All pics were taken by my trusty Nokia 808 Pureview.  Love the phone man!