Nothing is Pitch Perfect

It’s always difficult to project your voice when singing in a key that hovers around the switch between one’s high and low voice. I’ve never requested for key changes and no one offered either but I thought it’s fine and I should try my best to make do.

During practice today, I was pleasantly surprised that all the songs were suited to my range. For once I’m not drowned out cos my voice is at risk of cracking. I was momentarily disappointed / taken aback when it was suggested that we can change key to accommodate someone else. I don’t want to speculate the reasons. Perhaps it was a passing suggestion. I paused, thought about it then decided to ignore it. Our service is for God only.

Why am I writing this down then? Because this is life on earth. We have to accept imperfection and remember not everything is equal. Most importantly, we must not forget the heart and intention with which we serve.


I personally think that it’s not easy to do business development. You need to have an extroverted personality and a certain level of charisma. Being well groomed and having the ability to build rapport quickly with strangers are a must.

It thus surprises me that someone who’s a little queer, dresses untidily and has poor hygiene habits can be nominated to do biz development.

Anyway, the wheel has been set in motion and time will tell.