My office “forces” us to use the same screensaver for branding consistency.  But the screensaver is this huge white background (covering almost the entire screen) and our company logo in the middle.  I really don’t think a huge patch of white is energy nor screen saving!

Nailing the Basics

I’ve been quite obsessed with nailing the basic footwork for West Coast Swing. It’s not difficult per se – almost everyone I’ve seen has no problems doing it on the correct count. But doing it with the right style & groove is quite a different story. Having observed people on the dance floor, I’ve concluded that as long as you don’t perfect the basic step, no matter how well you lead/ follow, it still won’t look good.

I think I like WCS a lot more than salsa… at least I really enjoy watching the pros on youtube whereas I’ve never actually bothered to watch a salsa video at all.

While salsa is fun, I think I enjoyed the partner interaction more than the dance itself. WCS, on the other hand, has a very captivating dance form. I wished I could learn more and learn faster but classes are short (1h only) and it’s not always easy to get enough practice.

Anyway, there’s still 3 more months till Swingvitation 2013. Hope I improve drastically by then!

West Coast Swing

Started the new year by learning a new dance – West Coast Swing (WCS). It’s the official state dance of California and has its roots in Lindy Hop. Thank goodness it looks very different (i don’t like Lindy. Heh.) My interest in WCS was 1st piqued when i saw videos of my friend (and salsa instructor), Zee, dance it with his gf, Dalena. WCS can be danced to contemporary music – anything that has a 2-beat rhythm. Which appeals more to me than salsa cos while salsa music can be catchy, i can’t fully appreciate songs which i don’t understand the words of.

After checking out videos of Jessica Cox, Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman on youtube, i was hooked. What a great dance form! I love how musical interpretation is so tightly intertwined and accented in WCS. I’ve gone for 4 lessons and 2 social dances so far and i love it. Can’t wait to learn more steps! Hope i can fully internalise the basics soon so that i can move on to styling.

Custom made dance shoes for WCS today. Super looking forward to them!!