Nailing the Basics

I’ve been quite obsessed with nailing the basic footwork for West Coast Swing. It’s not difficult per se – almost everyone I’ve seen has no problems doing it on the correct count. But doing it with the right style & groove is quite a different story. Having observed people on the dance floor, I’ve concluded that as long as you don’t perfect the basic step, no matter how well you lead/ follow, it still won’t look good.

I think I like WCS a lot more than salsa… at least I really enjoy watching the pros on youtube whereas I’ve never actually bothered to watch a salsa video at all.

While salsa is fun, I think I enjoyed the partner interaction more than the dance itself. WCS, on the other hand, has a very captivating dance form. I wished I could learn more and learn faster but classes are short (1h only) and it’s not always easy to get enough practice.

Anyway, there’s still 3 more months till Swingvitation 2013. Hope I improve drastically by then!