Jack & Jill

Took part in my first Jack & Jill on Sun (7 Apr 2013) at China One’s Viva La Fiesta event!  Well, it was just for fun, no WSDC points awarded but was a good experience.  I was in Heat 1.  First partner was Daelus, then Philbert and last partner was Paul.  All cool.

The whole event did make me acutely aware that I need to be less gan cheong and hold my count for fast songs, even if the guy tugs me forward.  Gotta roll roll roll that foot into the floor.

Here’re some pics captured by China One.  (Daelus is no. 211 and Philbert’s on his left).

Although we rotated partners randomly based on numbers chose by the audience, I ended up partnering 3 guys who were standing next to one another when we started off the line up.


Paul and me!


Group shot of all competitors
Group shot of all competitors


Pity I didn’t get any pics with Daelus or Philbert.  Someone from the dance studio did take a video but I need to see how I can get hold of it.  Heh.

As for results?  Er, none.  Hahahahaha.  Now onto the next J&J at Swingvitation 2013!