Passed by an accident site on the way home last night. Was exiting PIE into Simei Rd when I saw the taxi in front of me stop and put on his hazard lights. As the taxi inched towards the right side of the road, I saw a motorcycle on its side and the biker on the road, seemingly motionless.

A young chap was standing slightly in front of the biker and waving a torch to warn cars coming down the slip road and another 2 men were checking on the biker.

There were another 2 cars stopped on the road shoulder and a few women on the pavement.

I didn’t see any blood on the road when I inched past the motionless biker…hopefully there were no major injuries either.

It was quite a scary sight but I’m glad the people who stopped to help got themselves well organised. Passed by the ambulance at the next junction. Thank goodness CGH isn’t too far away.

Kudos to all who stopped to help and hope the biker’s ok.

From Philly to NYC

Am typing this while on the Amtrak train from Philly to NYC. It was a great visit to Philly. Loved the visit to the Masonic temple and the Eastern State Penitentiary. Lovely city and I can’t wait to share my photos when I get back.

One thing I observed was that the vagrants in NYC tend to be Blacks but in Philly, most vagrants were Whites. I’m assuming Philly, which was one of the first cities to abolish slavery, had something to do with it. Maybe having more free Blacks historically also meant more who were hardworking and keen to earn their own keep. But I’m not sure. This is purely my conjecture.

Anyway, here’s wishing the Malay community Selamat Hari Raya and HAPPY NATIONAL DAY SINGAPORE!