Taking Over

The problem with taking over someone’s accounts or portfolio when they quit is that certain things may not have been done in the most efficient or correct way. And you can’t lay blame on the person who left without coming across as bitchy but you still have to clear the shit and hope your newly acquired clients will not think you’re ineffective. Argh. Pisses me off.

Dance Notes

Private Class with Deborah (26 Oct 2013)

1. Sugar Push / Tuck Turn
Make sure full weight transfer on 3. Back leg bends as front leg straightens.

2. Turns
During triple step turn, do a small small big, i.e. turning right, last left step will be big step and remember to drag in right foot.

3. Differentiate Tone and Frame
Frame moves the whole body. Tone is firm arms that allows the lead to move you.

4. At All Times!
Do not split weight.
Always have weight in straight leg while dragging in bent leg.

Dance Notes

Private with Chuck on 24 Oct 2013

1) Foot Position

  • Don’t open feet outwards so much. Small V.

2) Sugar Push

  • Count 3 – should feel like a “check”. Weight should push into the floor. Do not pitch forward. Breathe in to expand frame.
  • Count 4 – push/ glide back, marginally diagonally right. Make sure to post on 4.
  • So not rush the 5 & 6.
  • Hold the 5-and. Make sure nose over toes. The “and” should be at the base of right heel.
  • Step 6 slowly. Make sure not to land on heel till last moment.
  • The 5 & 6 should feel like walking backwards. Don’t think too much.
  • If there’s a need to adjust distance on the ”and”, make sure to collect right foot b4 moving forward for 1.

3) Underarm & Left-side Pass

  • Do not bend knees / plie on count 3-and.
  • Step right foot slightly out on 4 so left foot doesn’t detour around right foot.
  • Make sure to post on 4.